Mens 2 v Cambridge City 3 D 0-0

The icy winds were blowing as the 12 men of magpies lined up to face a strong Cambridge city side.
From the moment the whistle blew Magpies were all over the Cambridge side, with the high press working very effectively. Chances were beginning to come as the Cambridge back 4 were looking ruffled and red faced at the blistering pace of the Magpies front line. With some short corners dancing wide from both sides and a few glancing chances the first half was at an end.
Magpies went into the second half brewing with confidence, with the Cambridge side looking nervous for what the Magpies side had to offer. With elegant skills from the debutant Edward Brice and brutal stick tackles from the ‘haymaker’ Hugo Thomas the second half was much more eventful. After 30 more minutes of dominance Magpies began to pile on the pressure. The likes of Toby Hughes and Dave Francis coming close towards the end the game, the result may have been different with a bit of luck.
In the end the game finished 0-0, and Magpies took away a well deserved point that could have easily been 3.