Mens 2nd v Upminster W 4-1

Desperate to make amends for game week 1, the Men’s 2s hosted Upminster at the Nest. From minute 1 it was clear it was going to be a battle of strength and discipline. Magpies dominated the first half and an absolute ‘baseline’ worldy from Kinsella gave the home side the lead. The Stallion pricked up its ears and Kinsella doubled his tally shortly after half time with a superbly struck corner and things looked comfortable. Then sticks, hands and cards were thrown around Willy Nilly, the visitors put away a corner to make it 2-1 and the game hung in the balance. Upminster’s flames of encouragement were soon put out though when Skinner scored his first Magpie goal from the spot and then bagged his brace with a fine diving reverse after rounding the keeper. 4-1 reflected the effort and ability of this new look 2s and this was a deserved win after a heart in the oven, head in the fridge performance. MoM Kinsella and his Stallion