Mens 3rd Team Match Report 23rd September 2017

Mens 3rd Team vs Bury St Edmunds 1st Team (Away (L) L 0-1)

Last season Magpies Men’s 3s & Bury St Edmunds were extremely closely matched with each fixture won by the home side. Other results meant that Bury St Edmunds would shade the season probably as a virtue of their first team status, but with the 2 starting elevens being composed of largely the same protagonists it was clear that we would be in for another close one.

The early skirmishes were shared evenly with Bury forcing a couple of short corners without success whilst James Stacey and Matt Brand combined down the right to pick out David Cadman who saw his shot blocked.

With the pattern of the game established both sides were looking to be physical and strong in defence and fast and inventive in attack. After 25 minutes one such fast Bury attack would turn Magpies midfield, and as they strove to get back into position a well-chosen pass behind them would allow Burys best player on the day to pick out a committed forwarded diving across George Baldwin in goal to deflect into the top corner. However with no reason to change things Magpies strove on and with the time at an end in the first half thought they had equalised when a squared ball from Jon Aldridge at a short corner was all but in but no final touch could be found.

With the home side realising the importance of an early season win in this much harder league they began to commit less to the attack. They still broke at pace but Jack, Jak, Jamie and Jon in defence limited their chances to one rising reverse stick shot and a couple of tame paddles. Meanwhile at the other end Magpies creative players were beginning to get more and more to work with and saw; shots well saved, shots on more than one occasion turned off the line or frustratingly hitting the wrong side of the post. And as time run out Magpies would ultimately be frustrated by a combination of missed opportunities or wrong choices.

With many candidates for Man of the Match it was narrowly awarded to Jak Middleton for his calm performance in defence alongside fellow candidate Jon Aldridge.