Mens 3rd Teams v North Norfolk L 1-4

An unusually nice day in Cromer welcomed an experienced but youthful magpies team, hot off two comfortable wins and ready to take on a high flying North Norfolk.
The dressing room was also filled with optimism after an inspiring pre match rally from captain Lacelles in the absence of GB Masters Legend Cobbold and possibly because the hopes of post match fish and chips.
It started well, magpies went one up with a James Stacey spectacular inside 10 minutes, sadly, that was the beginning  of our end good fortune.
North Norfolk then equalised from a well crafted short corner deflection which managed to outfox the usually lightning sharp Moss and Caswell-Dodd which created rapturous applause from the oppositions bench.
Norfolk Norfolk then scored again quickly just before the break and 3s went in 2-1 down, the ball was slotted home through mosses legs and his pink helmet was somewhat hiding his pink face.
The Half time team talk from Captain Lacelles had a tremendous Impact and Magpies went out and dominated the second half. At 2-1 down magpies thought they’d scored through Toby Hughes to regain the status quo only for it to be disallowed.
The half was sprinkled with flashes of brilliance from Hipwell and Taylor with Captain Lascelles throwing aerials like paper planes.
The half went on with continued pressure from magpies, North Norfolk playing counter attacking hockey forced a lightning quick stick save from Moss to keep the score at 2-1, magpies then broke and Hughes smashed the cross bar after running the length of the pitch to make it to the back post.
In Andrew Johnsons absence and with the pressure building Greg jagger took the mantle of burning bridges with the opposition and received a yellow card for dissent.
North Norfolk broke again despite pressure from Magpies and slotted the ball under the desperate diving Moss.
With the score at 3-1 magpies pushed again but could not find the break through. North Norfolk then broke again which led to confusion in the box between the usually dependable Moss/Caswell-Dodd combo, the ball flew in the air from a save ran down the back of the confused keeper and then ended up rolling home to leave magpies 4-1 in the red.
Once again Mosses pink helmet sheltering his blushes unfortunately it couldn’t do the same for Caswell-Dodd
And there you have it sports fans.
Sometimes you play well and end up on the losing side, leaving the pitch with black veils of melancholy, thats the way it goes.