Magpies Third Team versus UEA 1st

On a wet and dark afternoon at Weybread which felt more like the start of the monsoon season Harleston magpies 3rds took on second placed UEA 1sts.

The game was initially delayed due to UEA putting the wrong Harleston on their Sat Nav systems. We later found out that the person in question was studying for his MASTERS degree !!!!

Magpies started like a coiled spring with a powerful energetic opening ten minutes which was surprising considering seven members of the hockey team had spent all the preceding day at the beer festival.

By half time the team had secured a three goal lead with Tim Johnson, Matt Brand and a Paul Shelley penalty flick. It was very brave of Paul Shelly to take his second penalty flick of the afternoon after his first could only be described as a dribble towards a disbelieving goal keeper

Magpies started off the second half in exuberant fashion with precise one touch flowing hockey but UEA showed determination to score back to reduce the deficit to two goals. Brand with his usual deadly guile quickly added the fourth but to give credit to UEA they refused to give in and scored off an excellent cross.

Joel Nelson then rolled his ankle whilst walking back to defend a short corner. There are rumours that the sniper from the water tower who injured Val Tolhurst is back with his new night sight!!

The game ended with Matt ‘Christian Ronaldo’ Storti scoring the fifth with a wonderful flick shot to concrete a truly wonderful performance by the team.