Magpies 3rds versus Norwich Dragons 2nds
Magpies won 3-0

Magpies entertained a resurgent Norwich Dragons who had won consecutive games and they came to Weybread with high hopes of a major upset against the undefeated Harleston side.

Norwich Dragons started with their usual panache but soon blew out like a gust of wind. Matt Brand was back with his usual show pony skills and scored a cracking goal from a wonderful short corner routine. The second was also scored by Brand and was again a trademark short corner goal. Dragons resulted to aggressive tactics for the rest of the first half and this played into the hands of the powerhouse magpies’ midfield!!!

The second half was a quiet affair with Magpies absorbing Dragons fruitless attacks. Matt Storti moved upfront in the last twenty five minutes when Paul Shelley’s recurring arthritic elbow flared up. Matt described his own play like the speed of a hungry cheetah and guile and cunning of a hunted springbok, but in England we call this the headless chicken technique. Brand closed the game when wonderful build up play resulted in a neat finish.

Will Main made an impressive debut with some lovely touches and skilful runs whilst Adam ( Joel says it spelt deleascelesess) was strong and powerful on the left side of defence.

3s Annual Cake Competition

Eaten by John Pestel!

Won by Mark Lewis