Mens 5ths – Match Report – Saturday 8th November

A blustery day at the seaside caused Magpies 5ths problems from the outset with a condemned dug out meaning know where to assemble the kit or shelter from the North Sea breeze.

However the game started more promisingly with a lot of good possession and movement on the right albeit the heavy sand covering slowing Magpies game to a more pedestrian pace. In return Lowestoft Railway went long and fast at every opportunity and this was causing Rob Neal and George Ayling difficulties and just as we felt our defence was settling Railway managed to force the ball past all at the back leaving Jordan Wiseman in goal one on one with the Railway forward.

Jordan stood tall and came out to meet the on rushing forward but I his attempt to reach the ball just clipped the forward and brought him down. Railway converted the resulting flick.

Magpies heads didn’t go down and possession was restored and equalising opportunities created but it wasn’t until the intervention of Tom Norton and short corners that Magpies found the pack of the net. Smith injected the ball to Sol Barker who unleashed a great shot from the top of the D which Tom made certain of going into the goal deflecting the shot into the roof of the net.

At half time the game looked to be anyones and Lowestoft Railway pressed hard to find the winner but Magpies had settled and defended strongly breaking play up and counter acting at pace. On another day a number of such attacks would have lead to goal scoring opportunities, further short corner goals would have come and in the final minutes of the game the Railway keeper wouldn’t have pulled off a blinding save.

In the end a 1-1 result was a good point away from home.