Mens 6th team


Saturday 29th November

Magpies 5s v Magpies 6s

With injuries effecting both teams, both had to borrow players from higher teams to allow both teams to field 11 each. Once the match started, there was none of the usual seeing what each team is about. Both teams just went for it, with end to end attacks. The first half was dominated by the 6th team, however, it wasn’t in scoring terms. The 5th team scored, with what several of the 6th team saw to be a goal scored by the illegal side of the stick. Unfortunately, 1 umpire didn’t see the incident, and the one who did, didn’t think there was an infringement…they can only blow what they see.

The 2nd half had a much more 5th team dominance to it. Despite this, the 6th team did still provide some threat upfront. The 5th team were very lucky to have former 2nd team?keeper in goal for them, making his first appearance for the club this season. He was called into action several times in both halves, and in my opinion was the main reason the away side didn’t score.

The 5th team rounded off their victory, with in Sol Barker’s words, “the best shot I have hit this season”. In everyone else’s eyes, I’m afraid Sol, a clear mis hit, which completely wrong footed Steve in goal. But they all count, and that was the knock out blow in this encounter.

With several injuries being incurred by some of the elder statesman on both sides, it was good to hear that the O50’s still managed to win, despite not having these players available.

The 6th team played very well, and probably as well as the previous weekend in their victory over Dereham.

MOTM; Tim Johnson

Saturday 6th December

Bury 3s v Magpies 6s

League match postponed due to Frozen Pitch.

Both teams met 30minutes later than originally planned in an effort to allow for the sun to defrost the pitch. I don’t think it ever was going to succeed. The temperature was 3.5degrees. 3/4 of the pitch never left the shade, and the rest was still pretty solid. So it was decided that it was not safe enough for a league match.

However, a well mannered and competitive friendly was played between the two sides on a 3/4 pitch, with two halves of 15minutes.

MOTM; Alfie Fawkner

Reporter; Tom ‘magic’ Miller