a) A minute’s silence was held in memory of members Vaughn Dearling, Christine Longe and Sue Prior who have very sadly died since the last meeting.

b) Finances in good shape including a further £20,000 (making a total of £90,000) set aside for future developments.

c) The club’s Disciplinary Policy adopted.

d) Board members reappointed with the addition of Nick Durrant in the newly-created post of vice-chairman and Julian Taylor as Trustee.

e) Executive committee members reappointed with the exception of the joint chairmen of the Fund Raising & Social Committee who did not stand for re-election leaving this position/positions to be filled.

f) Fiona Cadman, Kath Johnson, Serena Sitch, Julian Taylor, Nick Tibbenham and John Young appointed vice-presidents in recognition of their services to the club.

g) Subscriptions (including training fees) for season 2016/2017 approved as follows –

Adult £110 (previously £100), Concessions £75 (£66), U13 £60 (£55) due on 1st September and must be paid by 30th September. Thereafter they will increase to £140, £90 and £75 respectively.

h) Match fees for season 2016/2017 approved as follows –

Adults £10.00 (previously £9.00), Concessions/Juniors (U13) £6.00 (£5.50).

i) The club’s sponsors were thanked for their invaluable help.

j) The Development Group’s paper was discussed.

k) Chairman’s Report – please see below.


Helen and Joe Walker on the birth of Felix Stanley Ashdown (9lbs 1oz) on Sunday 12 June. Felix is a brother for Elliot.


Iain Cumming has stood down as Bar Steward and has been succeeded by Simon Bardwell. It is a big ‘thank you’ to Iain for all his hard work in the role (and to Vikie for the support she has given Iain) and welcome to Simon who has already made a good start in this important position.


Simon Bardwell is organising a day of cricket at the club on Sunday 4 September starting at 11.00am. He envisages a round-robin event of three teams playing fifteen eight-ball overs with a maximum of three per bowler with batsmen retiring if they reach twenty-five runs.

Simon also envisages a BBQ and players and their families bringing picnics while watching the cricket in the sunshine!

The event is open to both men and women. If you are interested in playing please contact Simon on yoxfordcc@hotmail.com or 07855 446506 for further details.


The club offers the following for meetings, birthday parties, weddings and Balls (for your marquee), car boot sales, motor car display events, etc.

Clubhouse with: Large lounge/bar area, Kitchen, Toilets (including disabled toilet)

Changing rooms and showers, Stairlift, Wi-Fi, Television including BT sport

Car parking: For 100s of cars. Two grass fields for your use: Two party tents for hire

If you are interested please make the initial contact through Simon Bardwell as above.


Our thanks are due to our hosts, Roy and Rosemary Goodwin, the organising committee and everyone who supported this very successful and enjoyable event in the delightful surroundings of Syleham Hall.


It is still not too late to enter this very enjoyable event. There are still two slots available.

If you would like to enter a team of four (either Ladies, Gentlemen or Mixed) please let me know as soon as possible. Handicap certificates are required.

With kind regards

Mike Denham



PS. Please keep an eye on the Latest News page of the website during the summer for news and announcements.

AGM 23.06.16 – Chairman’s Report

I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank everyone associated with Harleston Magpies Hockey Club for their support and dedication to our community.

It is a community, and despite the setbacks and fall outs, we all do have one thing in common and that is our love and affection for this great club. It is worth reminding yourself of this when you are next clearing out the septic tank or coaching in the freezing cold rain!

It has been a season of great achievement, which I will look back on later in my report.

Firstly, I would like to refer to the management structure and its relevance to hockey played here in Weybread.

There is a contradiction here. This is a voluntary organisation (a community amateur sports club) run by volunteers in their own (non-work) time. Yet it has to be run as a commercial organisation and a large one, with a wide reach.

The disciplines of management have to mirror those in business but we have to be flexible, adaptable and understanding of each other’s busy lives.

Structure is all important and I wanted to remind you how the club is structured. The board is responsible for policy, long term finance and strategy. Long term vision is imperative to enable us to plan for the future.

The Executive is responsible for operational matters and general management. The chairman has overall responsibility and the buck stops with him or her.

However to make it function effectively, each member of the Executive has delegated authority and the power to run committees in order to discharge their responsibilities.

In this regard, I am totally indebted to the work undertaken by Jose Tibbenham, Daphne Beckett, Philippa Taylor, John Rowe, Tris Baynes, Maria Rowe, Peter Dolton, Katrina Sitch, Andy Johnson and David Johnson. Their drive, enthusiasm and commitment is very much appreciated and an inspiration (hopefully!) to others.

However they do need support and there are opportunities for anyone to be involved in the committees to help this club tick, the more people involved, the less onerous the work load is. It can be fun too with a great sense of achievement (at times!) and camaraderie.

The recruitment of volunteers to help manage this club is of paramount importance, to help rejuvenate, to introduce new ideas, to share the workload.

I would now like to turn to the achievements in the 2015-2016 season. There have been lows, inevitably, covered elsewhere in other reports, but I am pleased to remind you of the following.

Achievements Season 2015-16 include:


1sts finish in mid-table in England Hockey’s East Conference at the end of the team’s

17th consecutive season in the league (in this spell)

4ths win Norfolk Premier title.


Men’s 1sts promoted to Division One of the national indoor league.

Men’s 6th win promotion from East Division 6NE.

O50s reach semi-finals of England Hockey’s Masters Cup.


Finish third in England Hockey’s Mixed Trophy.

International Honours

10 members of the club achieved:

International honours during the year including 3, Rosie Winter, Molly Redgrove and Abby Gooderham in the England U16 to U18 age group.

England representatives in 7 different age groups.

6 Medal Winners at the 2016 FIH Masters World Cup in Australia.


U18 Boys win national cup indoor championship.


U10 Girls and U12 Boys win East club Championship.

England Hockey

Mike Denham receives the EH’s Lifetime Achievement Award.


A highly successful Ball held last June to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the formation of the club.

Looking forward

The Executive will meet shortly after the AGM to discuss and agree priorities and these will include.

o Property development and fundraising plans

o Membership recruitment

o Supporting publicity activities

o Supporting sponsorship and advertising plans

o Club strategy 2017 and beyond

I hope you enjoy a relaxing close season and recharge your batteries in advance of the 2016-2017 campaign.

Murray Graham
23 June 2016