Mini Hockey – U12 Girls


Sunday 2 October  –  Norwich City
‘A’ team’ – Winners of Gold tournament
‘B’ team – 3rd in Silver Tournament
‘C’ team – 5th in Silver Tournament 

Sunday 9 October – Norwich Dragons
‘A’ team’ – 2nd in Gold tournament
‘B’ team – Winners of Silver Tournament
‘C’ team – 7th in Silver Tournament 

Sunday 30 October – Harleston Magpies
‘A’ team’ – Winners of Gold tournament
‘B’ team – 3rd in Gold Tournament
‘Black’ team – 3rd in Silver Tournament
‘White’ team – 4th in Silver Tournament 

Sunday 13 November – Pelicans (Kings Lynn)
‘A’ team’ – Winners of Gold tournament
‘Black’ team – Winners of Silver Tournament
‘White’ team – 2nd in Silver Tournament 

Sunday 5 March – Norfolk Championship (Pelicans)
‘A’ team 2nd in tournament

Sunday 5 March – HMHC Minis (‘B’ teams)
Gold tournament – Magpies Red 1st
Silver tournament – Magpies White 1st, Magpies Blue 2nd

Sunday 19 March – Alex Hill Tournament (Dereham)
Gold Tournament – ‘A’ team 3rd, ‘Red’ team 4th
Silver Tournament – ‘White’ team 2nd, ‘Blue’ team 3rd

Sunday 2 April  – Watton
Gold Tournament – ‘A’ team 2nd
Silver Tournament – ‘B’ team 1st, ‘C’ team 4th

Sunday 9 April – East Finals (HMHC)
Section B: Magpies v Sevenoaks (10.00) 0-3 L,
Hertford (10.22) 2-1 W, Old Loughtonians (11.06) 3-0 W, Ipswich (11.32) 4-0 W, Cambridge City (1.22) 1-0 W, Canterbury (semis) (2.05) 0-1 L
Sevenoaks beat Canterbury 3-1 in the final (both qualify for
the national finals) with Magpies finishing in an
excellent joint 3rd place