Pelicans Vet 2 Harleston Vet 2

Pelicans Vets 2 Harleston Vets 2

Question: What has eighteen good legs, twenty arms and ten heads until some are lost?

Answer: Magpies Vets at Pelicans. The Vets arrived with two unfit players and eight not quite so unfit players so Captain Bardwell showed Mouriniho like instincts by playing central defender Chris Humphreys as a striker and creative midfielder Jon Wells in defence.

As an ornithological aside I know that Magpies are named after the pub that was the club’s first headquarters rather than any thieving tendencies. I have never heard anything about the origin of the Pelicans name. I did consult the 1998 edition of the Birds of Norfolk apparently the first record of a Pelican in Norfolk relates to a humerus bone found at Feltwell- that must have been a hard game. I looked in the Collins Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe and found this under the section for voice of the Pelican and I must stress that I quote this verbatim ”colonies produce a buzzing hum of stifled mumbling and various inarticulate grunting sounds’. Not sure about the stifled bit.

Anyway to the game, Magpies played some neat hockey at the start without threatening the Pelicans goal but the final pass was lacking. Peter Lock was doing the running of two men up-front but support struggled to keep up with him. Shoddy bits of defending allowed pelicans to go into a two goal lead before magpies stirred themselves enough to win a short corner which became a stroke after Jon Well’s shot. Peter Dolton’s effort beat the goalkeeper comfortably but also beat the post by a margin.

The second half was a different story with Magpies getting stronger and stronger. A series of short corners ended with a slipped pass being put into the net but the phrase teutonic efficiency did not come to mind.

With five minutes to go a Pelicans defender under pressure slapped the ball away with the back of his stick. David Blackmore realising that he could do no worse than the first half effort stepped up and scored to give Magpies a deserved share of the points.