Results – Saturday/Sunday 12/13 November 2016

Saturday 12 November
LADIES 2s v Lowestoft (L) (H) 12.00 (W) 3-2 W
LADIES 3s v Colchester 2 (L) (A) 12.30 2-1 W
LADIES 4s v Norwich City 2s (L) (A) 11.30 3-3 D
LADIES 5s v Beccles (L) (H) 10.15 (W) 4-1 W
LADIES 6s v Norwich City 5s (L) (A) 4.00 0-3 L
LADIES 7s v Dereham 5s (L) (H) 1.45 (S) 0-3 L
GIRLS Dev. v Norwich Dragons (L) (H) 10.45 (S) W/O W
Instead of this game a full pitch practice match was held.
MENS 1s v Cambridge City 2s (L) (H) 2.00 (W) 6-1 W
MENS 2s v Norwich City 2s (L) (A) 2.30 2-5 L
MENS 3s v North Norfolk (L) (A) 4.00 3-1 W
MENS 4s v Felixstowe 2s (L) (H) 12.15 (S) 3-0 W
MENS 5s v UEA 3s (L) (A) 4.00 2-1 W
MENS 6s v Ipswich 3s (L) (H) 3.30 (W) 0-6 L
BOYS Dev. – no game

Sunday 13 November
LADIES 1s v Sevenoaks (L) (H) 2.00 (W) 1-0 W
MENS O40s (EH Cup Rd 2) v City of Peterborough (H) 12.00 (W) 5-0 W
Norfolk Indoor Championships
U16 GIRLS v Norwich City 1-3 L
U16 BOYS v Norwich Dragons 1-7  L
U16 BOYS v Norwich City 1-4 L
U18 BOYS v Norwich Dragons 1-8 L
U18 BOYS v Norwich City 5-3 W
Pelicans’ Minis

U10 Girls A – Winners of Gold Tournament
U10 Girls B – Winners of Silver Tournament
U12 Girls A – Winners of Gold tournament
U12 Girls Black – Winners of Silver Tournament
U12 Girls White – 2nd in Silver Tournament
U10 Boys – 3rd in Tournament
U12 Boys – Winners of Silver Tournament