3 teams – Magpies, Magpies A and Magpies B – continued their development in their 4th tournament of the season at Taverham on Sunday with

Magpies finished 3rd from 6 in the Gold tournament (W2, D2, L1, GF 2 – Olivia and Freya, GA 1),

Magpies A 4th from 7 in silver (D6, GF 2 Jessica-rae, GA 2) and

Magpies B 6th in silver (W1, D3, L2, GF 2 – Evie and Xanthe, GA 4).

Squad: Abby, Alexis, Caitlin, Dilly, Ella, Ellie, Evie, Freya, Georgie, Havana, Imogen, Jessica-rae, Kira, Lola, Lucy, Maisy, Olivia, Olivia, Serena, Sophia, Xanthe

All teams proved their tenacity and Magpies were complimented by all their oppositions for the quality of their play. But for some tenacious defending from several oppositions and one lapse from an otherwise exemplary defence they would have finished in the medals.

Magpies A and B were split into senior and development teams. A played some tenacious hockey but couldn’t quite work a win ending up with 6 draws including 2 score draws.

Shout out of the day though goes to the B team! Very much the junior team and with one or two fresh faces, not only did they score their first goals of the season but, in the same game carved out their first victory of the season have gone 1-0 up then pegged back to 1-1 then counter attacked to 2-1. And then they ground out a 0-0 against, on paper the much stronger A team. A joy to see the confidence flowing through the team and I know they all went home buzzing.

Player of the day has to go to our goalkeeper Lola who covered the Head Coach’s derriere in failing at to get his email comms sorted (by getting the second keeper) by turning out a string of great performances for all the teams.

This was not the day where we celebrated great podium positions but rather very promising performances.

Well done girls!
Time to up the ante in training!