Under 11 Girls at Dereham Tournament

Unfortunately Magpies were without their captain (Kara Kilbourn) for this tournament but the girls still managed to win 3 games, draw 1 and lose 2 to finish 4th.

v Dereham B won 2-0 (Beatrice Flatt, Sophie Long)

v Norwich B drew 0-0

v Pelicans lost 0-1

v Dereham A: Magpies best performance saw a 1-0 win thanks to a super short corner from Beatrice Flatt

v Norwich A lost 0-3

v Watton won 2-0 both goals scored by Sophie Long

Sophie Long, Emily Mckluskey, Hollie Hunter, Krystal Jenkins, Ellie Eglington, Katie Crawford and Beatrice Flatt.
Thanks to Helen Brook for managing and coaching the team whilst David was away at County hockey.