Vets Match report 13th February

Bury St Edmunds Vets 2 Harleston Magpie Vets 2.

A strange situation confronted captain Bardwell before the start in that there were 12 Magpies ready to play rather more than usual for an away game but normal service was resumed as two pulled up lame and only ten finished the game.

Without doubt this was a below par performance. After all the cancellations recently perhaps we are not used to having only 7 days recovery time between matches. Whatever it was the team resembled a house that is full of all the available mod cons but the batteries have gone flat in every remote control unit.

Despite an advantage in possession Magpies could not create a clear cut chance in the first half and the break was reached with the game scoreless. The pattern continued early in the second half but then Bury scored from a breakaway. As has happened previously, a setback spurred Magpies on. Peter Dolton scored from what for him was a long shot – approx 10 yards and then within a minute Martin Reader scored with a reverse shot that was quite out of place compared with the mediocrity that had gone before.

In the next ten minutes there must have been five clear chances that went begging and then Bury scored from another breakaway. Nothing went right in the final few minutes so two expected points were dropped.