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Ladies 3rd Team v Bury st Edmunds L 3-4

This week ladies 3 faced Bury 1st team, 4th in the league. Magpies started strong going one goal up secured by Eva H within the first ten minutes. Magpies found themselves applying lots of pressure on the opposition with lots of great leads and momentum from all lines of play; which lead to moving the ball up quickly from Sophie C, Sophie M and Jess G . Bury responded  with a goal after securing a penalty corner but  Magpies continued to keep most of the possession, battling hard; the ball moved from end to end until Leggy secured a 2nd goal after  a scrap in front of the goal for the ball. Half time quickly approaching both team  pushed hard. Meanwhile Bury secured a second goal tying it up at 2-2 at half time.

A great discussion at half time with great inputs from Phoebe E and Helena the inspirational talk lead to a strong start to the second half and continued to show a display of tremendous effort. Pushing hard when some quick play from bury came against the the solid defensive and midfield play by Plum, Helena , Rach  and Betsy and some great saves by Kitty, Magpies goalie. Despite the effort Bury managed to gain two more goals. However Magpies came back strong with some excellent display of teamwork with some great runs and counter attacks. Magpies responded by gaining a penalty corner by which Leggy slipped it calmly into the back of the net with a straight strike. With ten minutes left magpies put pressure on their opponents making magpies look dangerous on the ball.  Despite multiple effort from phoebe,  Leggy, Amy C, Alice W, Eva and Molly   W and Ellen P in the last few minutes of the game keeping calm through out. Time eventually ran out and ended as a 4-3 loss for magpies but was splendid effort by the team.  

Man of the match – Kitty


Ladies 3rd v Christchurch W 4-0

This week, the ladies 3 played Christchurch, with the help of their newly signed manager, Steven. Magpies started strong, earning a short corner within the first few minutes, which lead to lots of rebounds with great pressure on the opposition and eventually leading to a team goal, secured by Sophie Child. Despite Magpies having lots of possession, some quick play from Christchurch, lead a fantastic save from the Magpies goalie, Abi.

Magpies continued to dominate the game having started with the momentum, moving the ball up the pitch quickly with great success; this lead to an early second girl, coming from a pass by Helena Knock in defence to the top of Christchurch’s D and finished by a perfectly timed touch from Jess Green. The dangerous attacking play from the home team continued, with line runs from Ellen Pope, Alice Wiseman, Jess Green and Molly Warnes, earning Magpies their third goal, coming from a cross into the D and calmly finished by Leggy.

Christchurch responded strongly in the second half, but a solid team press and calm defence duo of Helena Knock and Rachael Baines ensured there was minimal entrances into Magpies D. Meanwhile, with the inners finding the space for the forwards and Amy Collison being a constant threat to the opposition, Magpies were earning a lot of short corners and chances for more goals. With some great support play from Laura Betts, Lucy Fields and Phoebe Eglington, Magpies remained patient in the oppositions 25. Eventually, they were rewarded with a penalty flick, which was calmly slotted in by Ellen Pope, to finalise a great team effort and well deserved 4-0 win.

Man of the Match – Amy Collison


Ladies 3rd Team v Felixstowe W 7-0

As December brought in the dreary weather, an alternative Ladies 3rds team ventured to Felixstowe for their Saturday fix of hockey. With the mix of new players from the 4ths alongside the all-too-familiar faces in the 3rds, and with the average age of this weeks team being a mere 16, as well as having the minimum 11, we were slightly apprehensive of what was to come. After her ever-inspiring pre-match chat (starting with the classic line: “does everyone know everybody’s names?”) Captain Knock lead us onto the pitch.
After a good warm up, being sure to include the absent Rachel Baynes’ classic stretches and some rousing warm-up drills, this young squad were willing to prove why we’re in a solid mid-table position.
Throughout the first half, Magpies never left first gear. With Felixstowe playing a defensive game, only a few opportunities arose in the attacking D. Ramsdale and Pope made some fantastic runs on the left and right midfields with Meynell-Anderson and Harness offering great support for them in the screen.
Some missed chances within the first half meant it was 0-0 going into the half time break.
With some of the locals popping down (Meg Brown and John Adams) alongside Jason Harness on the side-line, some vital support and encouragement was given in the half time huddle, which in hindsight, have this squad the spark it needed.
The second half was completely the opposite to the first. Magpies had found their feet, and with the first goal of the game being smashed against the backboard in a short corner strike by Leggy, the ball was most certainly rolling!
Another break down in play saw the ball be swiftly given to Harness who cleanly had a backwards strike which founds it’s place in the bottom right corner, 2-0.
This young side grew in confidence every minute. Support from the back from Knock, Evans-Hendrick and Slade, who were stepping higher and higher up the pitch as our confidence grew, meant we were quickly transferring the ball from left to right, just waiting for the opportunity for a 3rd goal, and here was that opportunity: another short corner after a convenient foot. With the strike from Leggy making it’s way back to injector Pope, who skilfully slapped it back the Felixstowe Keeper. 3-0, and eager for more!
A speedy run down the right wing from Meynell-Anderson and a deflection of the post saw Leggy tease the ball over the line for the 4th… and the 5th after a scramble on the line.
Magpies continued to play as a team. Remembering our 3 objectives of the day, briefly summerised as: communicate, support and don’t be…er….no it was DO be really good!
With great work ethic throughout the whole team, a 6th goal was due. A turnover in play saw Meynell-Anderson play the ball up the right hand side to Leggy who ran it up the line, clocking one defender and another navy Magpies shirt. After tempting the defender, a slick pass to Green saw a first time slap hit the backboard – and a relieving sounding“FINALLY!!” coming out of Green’s mouth after a few frustrating minutes.
Knock and her defence continues to press higher asnd higher up the pitch, with Evans-Hendricks and Slade making some fantastic runs either side, and Knock striking some cracking ball into the D trying to find the deflection.
The 7th goal was another scramble on the line and after a convenience advantage played by the umpire, Leggy managed to find the backboard once again to secure her 4th and the final 7th goal of the game.
Women of the match today were Leggy and Harness, although the whole team today showed strength, composure and confidence! 

Next week the Ladies 3rds have a tough match against 3rd in the league Watton away.   


Ladies 3 v North Norfolk D 1-1

The ladies 3’s welcomed North Norfolk to the nest on a very quiet day at the club. Magpies started a persistent attack through the north Norfolk players having many chances on goal, but consistently being stopped by their goalie.
All the players in the team worked extremely hard in the heat, especially Katie Woollatt, Plum, Betsy, Eva and Sophie, working from end to end chasing down the play. After a swift counter attack, Sarah Legg had a hard shot on goalie, with Eva Harness ensuring the goal to take the score to 1-0.
Plenty of penalty corners were given against magpies but the strong defence of Rachel Baynes, Catherine Kilbourn, Sophie Govier-Schaay and Emily Woollatt made sure that none were converted.
As the game went on, the tiredness hit and a slight lack of concentration in the team meant that North Norfolk were able to convert a drawing goal in the last 2 minutes of the game. 

Leaving the final score as 1-1. 

The teams man of the match was awarded to Alice Wells (aka “The Wall”), who played amazingly in goal, keeping us in the game a number of times and making some magical saves. She’s a keeper we are looking forward to having next week as we take on Dereham 2’s at the nest. 


Ladies 3rd Team v Norwich Dragons 3  W 3-0

We welcomed Dragons to the nest anticipating a tough match. We had a slightly changed squad having leant our forward line to the ladies 2’s and borrowing Catriona Maciver from them meant we had a really strong midfield. We started strongly and moved the ball well, really making our mark on the game early, with Lucy Field & Millie Preece linking well up front, with Millie skilfully driving the ball into the D and banging in our first goal! Great work from Bettsy & ‘Little’ Sophie Govier – Schaay on the right and left of midfield meant Dragons really struggled to get into any kind of rhythm. Great 1-2’s all over the pitch creating lots of passing play meant we maintained possession well. We had a number of short corners awarded and were very happy to put our new routines to the test (thanks Barbs and Princess!). Left slip went out to Bettsy and she sent the ball home. We went in to half time happy and hoped to maintain the momentum from the first half. We cracked on again second half creating lots of chances and again successfully winning short corners. Jess Green stepped up this time to bang the ball home and make it 3-0.
A special mention to Abi Lewis who gets her league debut for the Ladies 3’s this week! She wasn’t able to show off her skills this week as her defenders Plum, Helena and Little Woolly did such a good job keeping dragons out of the D, not getting a single shot off!
A very well deserved player of the game for battling hard and being a little whippet- Sophie Govier-Schaay.
Next week away to UEA.


Ladies 3rds v Watton L 0-2

A challenging start to the season for the ladies 3’s. Fielding a strong team against Watton at the nest, made up with both returning and new players to the club. The action packed game was not for the unfit, both teams were battling hard to get the first goal in, in a high paced game. Watton was the first team to secure goal toward the end of the first half. After half time, Magpies came out fighting to equalise. With a plan in mind and tactical substitutions taking place, it was proving difficult to hit the backboard; even after 5 short corners in a row. Magpies goalkeeper Abi Lewis and the defence Sarah Legg and Woollatt sisters (Katie and Emily), done an amazing job keeping Watton out throughout the game, making some strong tackles and reading the game well. The forward line was looking lethal with a mix up of positions so Leggy can have a run about with Millie, Eva and Amy. But after letting another goal in, time was called.  

Final result: Watton 2 Magpies 0
Magpies are already looking ahead to next weeks game is against Great Yarmouth (Away) at 11.30am.
(Wo)man of the match: PLUM – for being fiery and aggressive and making the tackles count. 

Magpies Ladies 3rds Match Report

This dreary, cold, snowy winter’s morning saw the girls making the trip, once again, down the A140 to Tuddenham Road, to play 12th in the league, Ipswich 3rds. The girls were on the pitch warming up in decent time, after their usual changing room catch up on the week’s dramas, well…Char’s weekly dramas! The snowfall had subsided in time for the start of the match at 12.30.

Right from the start, Magpies wanted to show their opposition how we’ve maintained their 5th in the league position. After a few minutes of ‘sussing out’ what the Ipswich team was like, we soon got into out stride, continuing on from where we left off last week. Amy Hipwell took control in centre defence, distributing the ball nicely wide out to Sophie Child on the right and Amelia HS on the left who, in turn, both made fantastic runs up the wings, linking in well with the midfield. Amelia HS really showed us what she was made of this week, making the most of her amazing tacking skills and ability to read the game, to pick off any advance from the Ipswich attack, and young Phoebe Eglington also stood her ground, showing off her slick stick skills in left midfield.

Magpies were looking dangerous, and you could feel a goal building. Amy De Selincourt and Katie Kinsella were both given the opportunity for a shot on goal, but the Ipswich goalie was determined not to concede. A few attacking short corners were also given, giving Georgia Cantrell – making her long awaited comeback after joining Fram College at Christmas – the opportunity to strike the backboard, but unfortunately to no prevail. Magpies were determined to not let this phase them. They continued to fight on, and eventually, with about 20 minutes gone, a speedy ball from Katie Kinsella in to Amy DS at the top of the D, gave Amy the chance to use her thrifty skills to run around the Ipswich keeper and slip the ball between the posts.

This goal really encouraged the ladies to push on and get another. Play continued to travel fluidly between the defence, Char and Laura Betts in the screens were finding themselves with plenty of space to transfer the ball up the field. Phoebe Preece found herself with more time on the ball in right midfield and made some speedy runs up towards the attacking D, hoping to find Georgie and Amy on the forward line.

With the half time whistle blown, Leggy – who was confined to the side line this week after a slight hamstring ‘twinge’ in her double-header last Saturday, left it for the girls on the pitch to take charge and discuss what they needed to do to extend their lead.

Straight back into the second half and Magpies didn’t let the cold get to them. Everybody continued to use the easy balls, really using our screens, who are always on for the inside pass to distribute the ball across and up the pitch. A lovely ball in from Laura Betts out on the attacking 25 years line, into Georgie Cantrell on the P spot, gave Magpies their extend lead 10 minutes into the second half, with Georgie dribbling around the keepers left foot and finding the backboard.

Magpies could now relax and make the most of this lead to really play the hockey that we aspire to play every week. The 3 midfielders continued to work hard and really support the forwards on the attack. Any side line balls were quickly and accurately passed back through Amy Hipwell, transferring the ball rapidly to advance the attach up the opposite side of the pitch, leaving no time for our opposition to react. With 10 minutes to go, after one of these swift transfers, a ball from Katie K on the left, found Phoebe Preece at the top of the D. Phoebe, after her packet of yoghurt-covered strawberries had kicked her into action, made a dash for the back line and made a fabulous cross across the goal, where Sophie Meynell-Anderson was awaiting unmarked to slot the ball home.

The win was certain, and the girls fought till the very end. With a surprise flash of a green card to Char – for reasons still unclear – in the last 2 minutes saw the girls down to 10, but with everyone playing their best, the final whistle blew, and Magpies had a nifty 3 points under their belt.

A real mixture of votes were had for the wo-Man of the match today, but both Georgie Cantrell and Phoebe Eglington came away a join wo-Man of the match.

Next week the ladies play their re-arranged match against Dereham – which is always an entertaining fixture.

The Ladies 3rds, who I remind you, are a newly promoted team into the East League, are now sitting in 3rd position – an absolutely great performance by all of the ladies, and let’s keep this up!!

Magpies Ladies 3rds Match Report

This week, Harleston Ladies 3rds made the delightful drive up to sunny Cromer. A 1 o’clock pushback meant that it wasn’t a crack of dawn meet at the club, to the relief of some of the ladies. We all arrived, by some coincidence, in convoy, making sure to admire the fabulous view over Cromer and out to the North Sea.

After a short conversation about ‘what our dreams mean about us’, and Betsy enjoying the sight of the Soft Play things a little too much in the changing rooms, the ladies wandered out onto the rather unusual Cromer Sport Centre pitch. A ‘short but sweet’ team talk, covering the essentials as usual, by Leggy, meant that we were able to have an extra’ long warm up, which was much needed on this brisk January afternoon.

With only the bare 11, Magpies knew that we needed to conserve our energy in this 3rd in the league versus 4th position battle, and not long after the first whistle blew, the ball was moving fluidly throughout the middle 5, this week consisting of Phoebe Preece and Betsy in the screen, and Amy De-Selincourt, Katie Kinsella and Rhe Lascelles (who had just that morning told Leggy that she was ‘feeling goals’ coming today) in the centre 3. Amy DS and Phoebe Eglington, who made the step up from the ladies 4ths, linked up well on that right hand side, both using their sneaky skills to quickly get the ball into the attacking D.

With 15 minutes gone, a rapid counter attack saw the North Norfolk defence under sudden pressure from the Black and Whites, and with a lovely ball in from Phoebe Preece on the 25, saw Leggy get a sneaky reverse touch, bobbling the ball over her markers stick, for Laura Betts so sweep in off the left post past the keepers foot. A fabulous goal.

The North Norfolk team really upped their game, and caught us slightly off guard. A quick ball through penetrated our defence, leaving Holly to boldly fend off a 2 versus 1, unfortunately resulting in the attackers showing off their 3rd in the league prowess.

Magpies continued to battle on, and after a magnificent bit of play from Phoebe Eglington in right defence playing the ball through to Amy DS, who’s usual cool, calm, collected play found a foot in the attacking D. Right girls, here’s our chance.

With the absence of Lucy, Amy stepped up to drag out the short corner. A lovely direct ball out to Leggy at the top, with Sophie M-A, Katie K, Rhe and Betsy ready for any deflection, gave Legg the perfect opportunity for a smasher…. And a smasher it was. That ball flew off her stick and past the opposing keepers right foot, 2-1.

With the few remaining minutes of the first half, the 3rds were down to 10 after the flash of a second card was shown to a magpie. Despite this, we managed to defend off the reoccurring attack, ensuring we kept out lead into the second half.

The feeling of a long second half doomed upon us, and we were glad that our opposition only had the eleven players too. Rach Baynes, Amelia Hershell-Shoreland and Phoebe Eglington continued fighting hard to build that wall in front of Holly, and we made it extra difficult for our opposition to find their stride. A rare defensive short corner was given that unfortunately we couldn’t fend off. The score line was tied, but you could tell both teams wanted to come away with more than 1 point to their names.

An iffy few minutes for the Harleston side meant all players were drawn back into the defensive 25, and with hits and bruises happening left, right and centre, both sides were running out of time and energy to secure their wins.

The tense atmosphere was really brought to light when the usually cool Rachel Baynes didn’t get back up from her tumble on the back line. We knew something wasn’t right, and from then on, the fight for 3 points only got more gruesome. With Magpies down to 10, our defensive game was on. Leggy, who had only just stepped back into the centre defence role (remember back her Ladies Development days once again), took a rather nasty ball to the ankle, followed almost immediately by a stick to the arm (which is now a lovely sickly green, purple and yellow colour), Rhe Lascelles had a nasty hit to the hand and Katie K took a tumble after going in for a close ‘shave’. The final whistle couldn’t have come any sooner, and with the score tied at 2-2, Magpies were glad that they had got that 1 point.

Rachel Baynes was whisked over to Cromer hospital to find out her fate, and, rather surprisingly, she had had her two x-rays and had been plastered up by the time we’d reached team teas! A nasty fracture and dislocation of her wrist means that Rachel will sadly be out for the foreseeable future of this season. We will miss her fabulous defensive skills, and her ecstatic, bubbly warm up techniques. We will miss you Rach and we all wish you a speedy recovery.

Next week, Harleston Ladies 3s are back at home with a 12.00 pushback on the water against 10th positioned I-ES 1st team.

wo-Man of the match: Laura Betts

Magpies Ladies 3rds Match Report

On this chilly January early afternoon, the Ladies 3rds were rearing to go after last week’s cancellation and the lack of training in the week, and with top of the league opposition, we had to be ready!

From the off, Magpies were determined to show Watton what we do best. The ball was being distributed smoothly throughout the midfield, this week consisting of ‘Big Woolly’ and Laura Betts (pulling on their marigolds in the Screen) and Katie K, Rhe Lascelles, Phoebe Preece and Lucy Field in the ‘block of 3’, all showing our opponents, and the home crowd, their best work.

A lovely bit of defending – as usual – from Amelia in left defence, saw a lovely ball be played through to Amy DS, and with some rapid pace and silky skills in the attacking D, a foot was found and our first short corner of the new year was given.

Determined to make the most of this opportunity, we thought we’d go hard or go home! So, with a slick sweep out by Lucy Field, Leggy gave the ball an almighty thwack. The sound of the ball hitting that back board was magical… but it was only 1-0… still a long way to go.

Throughout the rest of the first half, Magpies continued to pile on the pressure, and were not going to let Watton play their game. Some excellent defending by Rach Baynes, Amelia, Amy Hipwell and Holly in goal assured that Watton had no-where to go before the half time whistle blew.

Right, it was going to be a long half of hockey. Magpies momentarily lost their mojo after the break, but being the marvellous side that we are, we soon all got back into our strides. Lucy Field continued to make those precise down-the-line balls she’s renowned for, which always found and gave Amy DS a chance to show us what she’s got.

Magpies fought super hard throughout the whole of the second half (…for the whole game for that matter!) and a slight miss-hap in the defencive D, in the closing second of the game gave Watton their opportunity. With the whole Watton squad loaded up around the defensive D, and with Holly, Amelia, Rach, Amy and Lucy fighting till the end, everyone’s hearts stopped…. The final whistle blew… `tension was mounting…Watton slapped that bright orange ball out from the back line towards the top of the D… run Lucy… run like the wind… the ball was struck… it’s all in slow-motion button as we watched intently… Holly made that final attempt to keep the lead….. and BOSH… the ball was save, deflected out of that D like a flash of lightning… we’d done it! Well done you girls!

Another great performance like that next week would be much appreciated ladies!! Next Saturday, the Ladies 3rds are playing North Norfolk in Cromer… anyone fancy fish and chips on the beach after?

Ladies 3rds Match Report

On this crisp, warm Saturday morning, the Ladies 3rds made the delightful trip… again… to Tuddenham Road to play Ipswich Ladies 2s.

With it slightly on the quieter side in the changing rooms, due to the some ‘chatty’ regulars not being here, Leggy kept the team talk ‘short but sweet’ (and as usual, very unimaginative). We made our way out onto the pitch in plenty of time for a decent warm up, with lots of relevant game situation drills we were sure to be ready for the game ahead.

With just the bare 11 we knew we had to let the ball do the work from the start, and straight away, Amy and Leggy on the forward line set the press, for everyone to find their place behind. We gave the Ipswich defence no choice to play the ball out wide, where Georgie Cantrell in right mid and Rhe Lascelles on the left were eagerly waiting to intercept and get the ball back into the attacking D. A chance was given when Amy DS had a rough tackle from their goalie and Georgie Cantrell stepped up and coolly slipped the penalty stroke in the bottom left corner. 1-0 up, let’s do this!

The strong Ipswich side made some pacey runs down their wings, but were quickly swept up by Amelia HS in right defence, Soph Child on the left and Rach Baynes back in the centre. Any loose balls that appeared were nicely found by Kate and Woolly in the screen, and rapidly swept wide to start the attack over. A lovely cross in from Rhe on the right, somehow found its way onto Leggy’s stick, who calmly dribbled round the final defender and found a one-on-one with the keeper. A slick step from Leggy pulled the keeper right, and with a strong push past her right foot, it was 2-0 soon enough.

Straight after half time, you could tell that both team would have really appreciated having a spare player on the bench, but Magpies fitness was amazing and we continued to keep the pressure on, with Katie Kinsella in centre midfield always finding space to move the ball on quickly around the Ipswich defence. A rare defensive short corner brought the score line to 2-1, but Magpies, as usual, remained unfazed.

Ipswich also continued to pile on the pressure on our defence, and Jade Daly in goal had another fab day at the office, making some crucial saves, even when her own defence fancied giving scoring a go (not mentioning names am I, Katie Woollatt)!

Another chance arose for us when a foot was found in the attacking D and a short corner was given. Amy DS did really well pushing out to awaiting Georgia Cantrell at the top of the D who did some lovely strikes on goal. With the ball finding its way into a scrabble on the goal line, Amy gave it that final touch to push it over the line to lengthen our lead.

With the Ladies fighting out of their skin in the last few minutes to make sure they kept their potential 3 points, a loopy ball flew over Jade’s head bringing it to 3-2 but (thankfully) it wasn’t enough. With 30 seconds to go, Magpies made sure that they kept possession and didn’t do anything silly, and eventually the final whistle blew.

Man of the match: Katie Woollatt, for her ‘constant hassling’, ‘great pressure’ and ‘solid and broke down play’ performance!

We have had such a brilliant first half of the season Ladies. Considering we’re a newly promoted team, currently sitting 5th in the league, it is absolutely brilliant going! We’ve also got such a great team spirit going, encouragement and smiley faces, no matter how the games are going, we are truly a nifty little team our oppositions should not underestimate!!

We’ve got some tough games straight back after the Christmas break so I was going to try and plan some fun sessions of some sort down the club to keep us all fighting fit, even when we’re all knew full of Turkey and minces pies! Our first match back is the 14th of January, at home against Dereham 2nds. Have an absolutely amazing Christmas everybody and we’ll see you all in the new year!

Magpies Ladies 3rds Match Report

After travelling half way to Ipswich last week only to be turned around again, the ladies had a lovely late morning pushback in Gorleston, against a tough Yarmouth 1st team. Yarmouth were our first match of the season back in September, and Magpies just missed out with a 2-1 loss, so we were determined to go out and show Yarmouth how far we’d come and what we were really made of!

Once Leggy had got her… as usual… ‘enthralling’ team talk out the way – with help as always from Mrs Field – we headed out onto the pitch. The warm up looked promising, with the help of the Meynell-Anderson (who we’re very thankful for stepping up to play for us on the Thursday evening) making themselves known to the rest of the team.

First pushback was ours, and with the emphasis of “easy passes” being shouted from Lucy Field, who put on her marigolds this week as a ‘Cleaning Lady’ in the screen, and Leggy, who was flashbacking to her Colts B days, in Centre Back.

Everyone was defending out of their skin in the first half, with Sophie Child and Amelia HS either side of Leggy, supplying some solid tackles, keeping the attackers out of our D a little longer. A few defensive short corners were had within the first 20 minutes or so, both of which filling Leggy with oodles of confidence as both came flying straight for her head.

Even with the third short corner finding its way to the back of the net, after some cracking saves from Jade Daley (all refreshed from managing to actually get a decent kip the night before!), Magpies continued to make good space on the ball. Kate Russell and Lucy were both transferring the balls wide for Georgie Cantrell (on the right) and Rhe (on the left) to try make their runs to try and give Amy, Imi and Soph some chances on goal.

Unfortunately the Yarmouth backline were too solid for our attack to score before the half time whistle blew.

From the first second half whistle, Magpies definitely upped the intensity. We were, just about, getting used to the slower Yarmouth pitch, and the game was flowing much more smoothly. We all found ourselves with a little more time on the ball, and just knew which of our own players were around us in support. Lovely play was had from our 16-yard hits, and with balls being played out wide to our wings, Rhe and Georgie both used their speed to quickly get the ball into our attacking quarter.

Slick skills, as usual, from Katie K in the centre of the ‘block of 3’, Amy and Sophie MA, gave us some well-deserved attacking short corner opportunities. It seemed as though the tables had turned, we were the ones taking the play to them, we were the ones now creating the chances!

With neither Char or Leggy striking short corners, Georgie Cantrell stepped up to put a clean strike away. It seemed as though luck was not on our side in these short corners, however the whole team now had fire in our bellies and were eager to level the score line. And sure enough, another fab run down the right wing, and some sneaky skills manoeuvring around their strong defence, finishing with a clean reverse stick slap slipping between the keepers legs, Georgie levelled the score line – right… GAME ON!

With about 10 minutes to go, the Ladies knew that they needed to keep their heads. Opportunities continued to arise, and with Yarmouth starting to make some mistakes under pressure from our solid defence, we fought on until the very final whistle.

Magpies really came back fighting this week after a rather sleepy first half, and really played some fantastic hockey, resulting in a compliment from our opposition saying we were the toughest opposition that they have played against! Truly brilliant today Ladies!

We had a joint ‘wo-Man of the Match’ today: Georgie Cantrell for her (Quote) “fabby-dabby ball skills and great goal” and Leggy for her rare defence appearance.

Next week the Ladies 3rds have their re-arranged fixture against Ipswich 2nds with a 12pm pushback at Tuddenham Road. Let’s be sure to bring our A-game Ladies and end the first half of the season on a high!!

Ladies 3rds match report Sat 12th Nov

Colchester Ladies 2nds 1 Magpies Ladies 3rds 2

The Ladies 3’s headed down the A12 in the heavy and cold drizzle this weekend for a first encounter in the league with Colchester 2. We were keen to rectify some of our issues that led to our first defeat in 4 games to UEA last week and we didn’t disappoint. It was a thoroughly engaging and combative contest despite the poor weather and we dealt with everything that was thrown at us. We resumed our strong hold of the defence and midfield with Char R-B and Kate R taking control and feeding off great work from Rach B, Sophie C and Amelia H-S in the back line. We had to work hard in marking today and we held our own throughout the match. Colchester, however, proved quick on the counter attack and we found ourselves down 1-0 about 20 mins into the game. Despite losing both Char and Kate R to ‘short breaks’ on the side line we persevered with Captain Leggy leading the forward line and being supported by strong work by Katie K, the ever impressive Lucy and speedy runs by Rhe on the left. Some great individual skill led to the first goal by Amy de S who was determined to repel the Colchester backs and get her reward. So, we ended up all square at half time and with everything to play for in the second half.
With weather getting worse but our resolve getting stronger we set about seeking greater penetration into the Colchester half and stopping the opposition taking any advantage. We dealt with a number of short corners against us with fantastic defending from Hollie in goals and Amelia in partiuclar who made a number of strong runs up the line to support the attack. Here she was supported by a new recruit today, Phoebe Eglington, who showed that she was more than capable of holding her own at this level. Continued pressure from the whole team led to some strong break aways towards the latter part of the match with Katie K, Amy and Leggy creating problems for the home team. Eventually one of these paid off with an absolute stonker of an individual goal by Katie K to secure our well deserved win. Despite the cold showers we felt we thoroughly deserved our win and Amelia received our player of the match for her fantastic runs to support the forwards but also a really thoughtful and tactically aware performance for someone who is so young – well done Amelia!!

Harleston Magpies Ladies 3rds Match Report

Harleston Magpies Ladies 3rds 0-2 UEA 1sts

We all knew we had a tough game ahead of us, but our hopes and our confidence were high after a fantastic game last week against Christchurch.

Once on the pitch, and after another ‘enthralling’ captain’s pre-match team talk from Leggy, we ensured we had our heads on and that the intensity was up from the start.

With the quick UEA forward line catching us slightly off-guard from the first whistle, a lifted ball drifting over everyone’s heads and managed to reach the back of the net within the first minute. With encouragement from Lucy Field, Char Rourke Beasley and Katie K, spirits were kept high and we were determined not to let this faze us and we pushed hard to not let the students dominate the game.

A string of defensive short corners lay ahead of us, one of which sadly leaving super-star-defender Sophie Child with a rather tender foot, but thankfully Martha Lawrence adapted her silky skills and stepped in for a game in right defence (and huge well done and thank you to Martha!). UEA managed to lengthen their lead, resulting in a 2-0 half time score, in favour of the opposed.

The half-time team talk mostly consisted of keeping our heads up and emphasis was made on the use of the easy, early passing opportunities, and by the time we were back on the pitch, the whole side were determined to make our comeback, and all knew what needed to be done!

Straight from the off, Magpies had made a huge step up in their game, keeping possession of the ball and making the early passes, and immediately we found ourselves with more time on the ball and our accuracy of pass had improved impressively, giving Leggy and Amy on the forward line the change to give the keeper some hassle! Some fantastic balls into the attacking D from Rhe Lascelles in left midfield deserve some mentioning – precise, flat, powerful passes to a forward on the far post have been a demon move in past games and will surely be one of our strength in the future!

Throughout the whole second half, the newly-promoted ladies team were playing some much better hockey – our own hockey! With Katie K holding her own in centre midfield, with Rhea, Lucy and Lottie Summers making those speedy runs on the wings, and Char and Phoebe Preece making their presence known in the ‘screen’, we were creating ourselves some much better opportunities for a goal, but unfortunately, after some close chances from Amy and Leggy, to no prevail.

With some slight miscommunication, and everybody starting to tired after a tough match against their fit second in the league opponents, the students managed to squeeze another goal in before the final whistle blew.

All in all, we cannot be too disheartened after the result today, we knew that would be a tough opposition, but once we got into our stride and played the hockey we all know we’re capable of playing as a team, we really held our own against these East League veterans.

New week we play Colchester 2nds (away) at 12.30… a mid-table clash – lets bring our game faces ladies!

wo-Man of the match – Jade Daley after some “SUPER SAVES – WOO HOO!” (to quote Mrs Lascelles)

Ladies 3rds match report Sat 29th Oct

Christchurch 1 Magpies Ladies’ 3rds 5

The Ladies 3 took a trip to Ipswich this week to face Christchurch 1 looking for their third win on the bounce. After finally finding the right location we set about building on two previous great performances in the beautiful Autumn sunshine. With new recruits Georgie Cantrell and Helena Knock boosting the side we took control from the first whistle. It’s clear that training on holding our positions, strong distribution and working hard off the ball has proved effective over the last few weeks and we looked strong in all areas. Losing the first goal to Christchurch after a rare intrude into our half gave us a good reminder to concentrate at all times and this kicked us fully in to action. Following this we never looked back and strong work by Helena at the back supported on both sides by Sophie Child and Amelia Herschel-Shorland enabled us to continually deal with any threat from the opposition. Our forward line rotated brilliantly to continually pressure the opposition with captain Leggy leading the way. Strong leads from Kat Bullen and Amy de Selincourt throughout made our equaliser inevitable and a brilliant finish from Amy put us back on track in the match. This was followed by a cracking goal by Charl Rourke-Beasley at a short corner and we finished the first half looking like we could score a bag full in the rest of the game. This proved to be the case in the second half with strong runs from the midfield trio of Katie Kinsella, Lucy Field and Rhe Lascelles totally dominating the game.

Our strong back line including our ‘cleaners’, The Char lady (Charl R B) and the Duchess of Brockdish (Kate Russell) showed that any pressure from Christchurch could be dealt with by determined marking and let’s just say the strong use of the body to prevent any danger of a second goal being let in and this was supported by the ever reliable Jade Daley in goal. Our dominance continued throughout the second half and resulted in the captain’s players of the match, Georgie Cantrell, putting away an absolute stonker of a goal from a tight angle. The Char lady completed her fantastic day with a brilliant strike at another short corner to put the game out of sight and we rounded it all off with a well-deserved final goal from Kat Bullen. We are currently sitting in the top 5 in the league and are showing that we can certainly handle ourselves after getting promotion last year. Next week will surely be our toughest game playing UEA at home; they have certainly been the team to beat so far and we will need to be on our top game to match them.


Match report – Ladies’ 3rds – Saturday 22 October 2016


Saturday 22nd October saw the early rain clear just as the Magpies Ladies 3rds stepped out onto the home turf to play Ipswich 3rds. The game started at fast pace and the ladies knew the match was going to be a good tussle but were in determined mindset.

The team welcomed youngster Amelia Herschel-Shorland to their starting defensive line up and soon Amelia, Sophie Child and Rachel Baynes were called into play alongside goalee Holly Riches as the Ipswich forwards pressed. Some good solid clearances out of the D allowed Char Rourke-Beasley to take control of play and send the ball out wide to the wings allowing Rhe Lascelles to get a good ball through to Leggy who popped it into the D for a few touches before Katie Kinsella made no mistake in hitting the backboard for 1-0.

This goal fired the Magpies’ ladies up and with the second addition to the starting line-up of Lottie Summers strongly making her mark on the game and skilfully dribbling the ball round the opposition she was soon in a perfect position to pass to Amy de S and get the score line to 2-0.

Half time followed and a rallying cry from sideline coach Bean who was determined his ladies could score more and the 2nd half started with ferocity and was end to end play. After a bit of a deadlock Kate Russell intercepted a ball, passed wide to Kat Bullen and the ball was soon in the D for Katie K to get her 2nd goal and make it 3-0.

Not finished there the ladies pressed on and with Lucy Fields as usual having an incredibly strong game throughout the 4th goal was eventually going to happen and with Lucy being everywhere on the pitch she set up Kate Russell for the 4th goal to put the game to bed. To Ipswich’s credit they never stopped pressing and were awarded a flurry of long corners and penalty corners in the last 10 minutes but the defence and Holly saved the ball time and again and with determination kept the sheet clean their end to make sure the final score a very creditable 4-0. This gives the 3rds a worthy position of 6th in a strong league and is all the more creditable when it is remembered this is a newly-promoted team in this East League! POM – Lottie Summers.

Ladies 3s Match Report

IES 1s 1-2 Magpies 3s

Having picked up only 3 points from the first four games of the season we treated our trip to Ipswich and East Suffolk as a must win game and had luck on our side when two magpies were spotted together as we arrived at the ground.

With the absence of firm thirds favourites, Katie Kinsella and Kathryn Bullen, we started timidly and took a while to settle into our stride. IES had a lot of possession in the first half which kept Charlie Seamen, Sophie Child, Sophie Baxter, Rosie Blackmore and Rachel Baynes busy at the back. We had plenty of practice at defending short corners which gave Holly Riches a chance to show off her skills between the sticks. The pressure mounted and resulted in Magpies finding ourselves 1-0 down.

We welcomed the addition of Amy de Selincourt and Mia King to keep Sarah Legg company upfront and their speed and skill caused the IES defence numerous problems. A beautiful pass from Phoebe Preece found its way through for Mia King to pounce on and equal the scoreline.

We looked like a different side in the second half with the midfield pinging the ball around like a pinball machine and everybody hunting in pairs as requested by Captain Leggy. Our mighty midfield combo of Lucy Field, Phoebe Preece, Kate Russell, Char Rourke-Beasley and Rhe Lascelles worked their socks off and created heaps of opportunities in the IES 25. Some slick passing into the ‘D’ provided Mia with her second goal of the day, Magpies their second win of the season and all of us a good excuse to celebrate at Katie’s charity ball that evening.

Pirates of the Pitch: Mia King and Lucy Field

Ladies 3s Match Report

Magpies Ladies 3s 1-2 North Norfolk 1s

After a loss away at Watton last week, the Ladies Thirds had fire in their bellies as we arrived at the Nest for a mid afternoon push back. The rain had cleared, we warmed up well in our fetching yellow bibs, and the rousing team talk from Captain Leggy ensured that we all knew what we had to concentrate on.

In contrast to last week, we started the game strongly and with clear intent, with The Duchess of Brockdish and Char Rourke-Beasley commanding the midfield and distributing the ball well to Rhe Lascelles and Lucy Field out wide. The forward line of Katie Kinsella, Kathryn Bullen and Sarah Legg made some delightful runs off the ball and the mounting pressure accumulated in a Magpies goal when Rhe slapped it in from the left towards the far post for Kat to dink into the net.

North Norfolk, we soon discovered, have some very speedy forwards who caused the Magpies defence of Krystal Jenkins, Sophie Baxter, Rachel Baynes and Rosie Blackmore some serious problems on the break. Blackmore was left for dust numerous times with Baynes coming to the rescue at full back but on one occasion a ball across our ‘D’ was just out of reach and a North Norfolk forward was able to lift the ball over Jade’s outstretched stick and into the goal.

Despite several of the home team nursing injuries by half time, Magpies came out all guns blazing and were implementing everything that had been asked by the skipper. Lucy was tackling as if her life depended on it and Krystal made a guest appearance upfront. We won a couple more short corners but were unable to convert them, there were also a few to defend but we saw those off with ease in our intimidating red masks.

Annoyingly, against the run of play, North Norfolk found themselves in a 2 verses 1 scenario in the Magpies ‘D’ and utilised the opportunity to go 2-1 up. Despite our beautiful hockey we were unable to get a goal back, resulting in our third defeat of the season. We should however take heart in how far we have come in a short amount of time and bear in mind that we are newly promoted and are holding our own against some much more established teams.

Massive thank you to Jose and David for umpiring, and for Jade bombing it back from an earlier game in Norwich to make some fantastic saves between the sticks for us.

Pirate of the Pitch: Kat Bullen

Ladies 3rds Match Report

Dereham 2s 1-2 Magpies 3s

Magpies went into their second game of the season feeling confident due to the return of Char Rourke-Beasley, Kathryn Bullen and Lucy Field who had recovered well from their jet lag sustained from winning gold in Rio. Char picked up a knock in the warm up but managed to battle through like a trooper.

‘Pies had the majority of the possession early on, forcing Dereham to sit tight in their half and try to keep the attacking force of Katie Kinsella, Kat Bullen and Sarah Legg at bay. We won a couple of short corners from which Leggy had a goal disallowed for not hitting the backboard.

Dereham came out fighting in the second half and the Magpies defenders Krystal Jenkins, Rosie Blackmore and Harriet Celerier were kept busy at the back. A lapse in concentration/skill on top of the ‘D’ enabled Dereham’s centre forward a shot on goal which was taken well, beating Holly Riches between the sticks.

The pressure continued and the midfield of Kate Russell, Rhe Lascelles, Char R-B and Lucy Field worked their socks off, chasing down every loose ball and hassling like they’ve never hassled before. We conceded a couple more short corners but thanks to our intimidating red face masks, some awesome saves from Holly and Char’s incredible save off the line we remained contenders.

Thankfully we kept composure and soon were soon back in the swing of it, with some great passing in Dereham’s 25 we created a plethora of chances and equalised when Leggy crossed to Kathryn who sent a composed waft goal wards. With the wind in our sails we piled on the pressure, won a short corner, messed it up, regained composure, Leggy passed to Katie K who, with a big old hit, struck the backboard. 2-1.

Big thanks to super sub Rach Holloway who already had one game under her belt before providing much needed rest breaks for our hard working players.

Duchess of the day: Lucy Field for bossing the midfield!

Congratulations to Rhe and Adam Lascelles on their summer wedding, and to Laura Betts and Thomas Ward for the safe arrival of baby Wrenna.

Ladies 3rds Match Report

Ladies 3rds 1-2 Yarmouth 1sts

Hello and welcome to the new season with the newly promoted Ladies 3rd team.

Firstly we would like to pay tribute to the late Vaughn Dearling, who taught a few of us at school, coached many of us as we progressed through the club and umpired numerous games over the years, often simultaneously muttering advice to the team in black and white! We are certainly going to miss his presence at the club and his big smiles and hugs.

Back to business, with some strong players unavailable and injuries in higher teams we had a relatively inexperienced side turn up at the nest ready for our first game in this league. We looked nervous as we began and tended to panic when we got the ball. Sophie Baxter, Rachel Baynes and Rosie Blackmore were kept busy early on in defence as Yarmouth’s forwards pushed high up the pitch.

We went 1-0 down when Yarmouth converted a short corner, and they doubled their talley when Blackmore took too long faffing about in the ‘D’, gifting an attacker with a one on one with Jess Harvey in goal. Sophie Baxter took a nasty hit whilst running out for a short corner but thankfully was able to come back on after a break.

Rhe Lascelles, Sarah Legg, Katie Kinsella and Kate Russell used their skill and experience to settle the play down and chances began to appear. We had plenty of long balls smashed into the ‘D’ which our forward line of Phoebe Eglington, Sophie Maynell-Anderson, Amelia Herschel-Shorland and Imogen Maynell-Anderson were often only inches from connecting with.

Our persistence paid off when skipper Sarah Legg coolly slotted away a short corner, bringing the score line to 2-1. Although not the desired result we can definitely take a lot from this game, especially the youngsters, who after mostly playing 5th team hockey last season were slightly thrown in at the deep end!

Duchess of the Day: Phoebe Eglington and Rachel Baynes (who it was great to see after her short lived retirement!)

Finally a big shout out to David ‘Brooksie’ Brooks, who last season somehow managed to transform an unruly rabble into league champions. We can’t wait to have you back DB and wish you all the best with your treatment.


Pelicans 2’s 0 v 6 Magpies 3’s

Four games to go and we knew we had to win this game, and to win by a few goals!

From the start we showed our intent by playing quick, simple and very effective hockey. Anna Tighe was getting a lot of space on the right and her pace created many chances for us early on. Millie Preece opened the scoring, quickly followed by another from Sarah Legg, and Katie Ogden who scored from a short corner.

Katie Woollatt was having a good game, quickly closing Pelicans midfield down. Millie and Sarah added another goal each and at half time we had a comfortable 0-5 lead.

The second half continued with us attacking, we had numerous short corners but we only managed one second half goal which was scored by Mia King.

Let’s hope our good form continues this weekend at home to UEA 2s.

Player of the match: Katie Woollatt