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U12 C Team report

U12 C team 13th November

The C team started their tournament campaign at Pelicans against a strengthening Dereham side. It proved to be a well matched game with a short corner each, but nothing to show for it and it ended 0:0.
Frustrated by this, and spurred on by friendly rivalry, the girls managed a narrow 1:0 loss to Magpies Bs, with a solid defence from Tilly and Hattie, and Megan working overtime at centre-mid.
With no break they were straight into their third game against a greatly improved Watton side. Staying on seemed to be the key, as with eight minutes gone, Anna made a great push through, with support from Megan and Amy, and slotted home the first goal of the day. Buoyed by this they tried and tried, but the Watton defence held to leave it 1:0 win.
Next was our game against Norwich City Leopards, which we expected to be a tough one. Tough as it was, we proved to be the better team, with good passing and finally calling – Anna put us 1 up after three minutes, and two minutes later she put us 2 up after a well timed and accurate pass through from Sofia. City fought back and broke through several times, but good defence from Tilly and Sasha and some good save from Georgia, they only managed to get one back, ending in a 2:1 win.
Another tough game against Dragons was next, but the girls were on a roll, they kept pushing forward, with Ellie, Sasha and Hattie up from, but Dragons kept pushing back. With both teams having to make the keepers work, no one found the back board and the game ended 0:0.
Last of the day were the hosts, Pelicans. This was another well matched game, with end to end play, but no goals. Six minutes in and Anna was subbed on and scored within a minute, after a great run of play. Pelicans equalised straight away after a goalmouth skirmish with ball finding its way in. Magpies were hungry for another win, but, after Megan hit the post, the hooter sounded for the final time and left it 1:1.

So the C team ended runners up to the B team on the Silver Tournament, having played great hockey all day.
Thank you parents for trekking to Kings Lynn for the morning, and supporting us all so well, and thank you girls for being an absolute pleasure to look after for the day.

Tilly Dodds
Sofia Chopra
Anna Seggons
Megan Dickson
Ellie Bowden
Sasha Napier
Amy Freeman
Hattie Cooper
Georgia Flatt ( GK)

TM Chris Flatt

U12 B team match report – Magpies tournament

U12 B Team match report

After their recent success in winning the Silver Tournament at Dragons, the Bs were given the opportunity to test their skills against the A teams in the Gold competition this weekend.

The first game was against Norwich City and despite losing their captain very early in the game with a head injury, they played well creating a number of chances before unfortunately conceding a goal in open play. Magpies then looked to get back on terms with some good teamwork and attacking hockey and continued to threaten the Norwich goal but close to the end, Norwich broke away and scored their second to win 2-0.

Next up for the Bs were Norwich Dragons, and they were determined to continue their good play from their last game despite the result and battled out a 0-0 draw – they created numerous chances and also defended well playing together as a team with all contributing to an end to end game which either side could have won – their confidence grew in this game and they started to believe that they could beat these “A” sides.

The first two games were only the warm ups to the next match against Magpies A – what a game! The team played some fantastic hockey, defending superbly and frustrating the As for the initial part of the game. The As then after some sustained pressure finally succeeded in scoring the first goal of the game but the B team showed some great character and started to create their own chances which finally after some great team play lead to an equaliser by Molly Largent. Game on! Both teams then had chances at either end and with little time left the As managed to find a way through and grab the winner. The team all played so well and were disappointed not to get the draw but showed to everyone including themselves that they can compete in the Gold Division.

With their confidence high after a good performance in the previous game, they then played against Norwich City again and showed their character and collective team work to produce another great team effort creating numerous chances and finally took the lead with a finish from Ellen Moodie. Some good defending ensured that the team secured their first win. Fantastic result.

The last two games were again against Norwich Dragons and Magpies As – in both games the team continued to play well and created a number of opportunities and defended well but unfortunately succumbed 3-1 (Ellen Moodie) and 3-0 respectively.

Overall, the team played exceptionally well, with everyone producing some outstanding individual performances which they should all be proud and pleased with and gain confidence and belief for future tournaments.

Well done for finishing 3rd in the Gold Division.

Squad: Katy Davy (GK), Maddi Forrest, Amy Freeman, Hannah Gartland, Molly Largent, Ellen Moodie, Georgia Scott, Alyssa Walker (C), Tilly Dodds, Evie Nesling.

Coach: Duncan Cogdell


U12 A Girls match report – Magpies tournament

Super 6 for the U12 A Team

At our home tournament held at Weybread today the U12 girls A Team had six straight wins to claim top spot. The Gold side of the tournament consisted of Magpies A, Magpies B, Norwich City and Norwich Dragons with everyone playing each other twice. The results were :-
2 wins v Norwich City (4-0 & 3-0)
2 wins v Norwich Dragons (4-0 & 5-0)
2 wins v Magpies B (2-1 & 3-0)

Scorers :-
Evie B x 8
Emma x 6
Jess T x 3
Anna x 2
Jess M x 2

Champagne goal moment was undoubtedly Emma’s slap smash that went top right and drew appropriate gasps from the gallery ! Awesome finish Emma, plenty more like that please !

The most pleasing part of today’s performance from a coaching point of view was that the penny is gradually dropping that when we keep our shape, spread the ball wide and trust our own skills then the performance significantly improves immediately. Everyone played their part, Jess T surging down the right with abandon, Jess M and Anna both dogged and creative through the middle, Ruby imperious and controlled at the back and let’s not forget our “Jonny on the spot” Evie B with eight goals. Grace came into the side and made some well timed tackles and Evie H worked tirelessly on the left. Abi didn’t have the busiest of days but saved well when required. This team will keep improving I’m sure !
Team – Abi(GK), Anna, Evie B, Evie H, Jess T, Jess M, Grace, Emma & Ruby

TM – Jim Menzies


Magpies U12 Girls C Teams Reports

Magpies U12 Girls C Teams Reports – Magpies “Black” & Magpies “White”

Magpies “White” Match Report

V Watton 1-1
Equalised with a goal from Ella straight after going 1-0 down.

V N.City Leopards lost 2-1
We were 2-0 down before Ella got a goal back before full time

V Magpies Black lost 1-0
Very even game but we let a goal in

V Dragons Hinch lost 1-0
We looked stronger against a very good team

V Dragons Cullen WON 2-0
Poppy got the final touch on a shot from Ella, Ella then scored before full time.

In summary…

Having never played together and this being many of the girls first tournament we took a little while to find our feet. Georgia was kept busy in goal and made numerous great saves to keep the goal difference low. Olivia and Esta worked very well together at the back, making some important tackles and getting the ball out to our midfield.
Ella was a force to be reckoned with in the centre and caused each opposition lots of problems. She was supported by Hattie, Grace and Mollie who worked really hard to get back and defend as well as pushing forward to attack alongside Isabel and Poppy upfront.

Team – Georgia (GK), Hattie, Esta, Olivia, Grace K, Mollie, Poppy, Isabel, Ella & Sasha
TM – Rosie Blackmore

Magpies “Black” results

V dragons Cullen won 1-0 Megan,

V watton won 1-0 scorer Anna,

v Norwich city lost 1-0,

v magpies white won 1-0 Ellie B,

V dragons hinch 0-0

great passing , tackling, wonderful team effort and I think we finally have found some defenders !!!

Team – Lily (GK), Jade, Sofia, Megan, Ellie B, Saskia, Anna S, Emma & Kate Ford

TM – Treacle Griffin


U12 Girls B team at Norwich Dragons

U12B’s at Norwich Dragons

What a difference a week makes!

The U12Bs had a great morning at Norwich Dragons playing in the Silver tournament, which was contested by 9 teams, split into 3 pools with the winners of each going into a further round of games to determine the overall winner.

Magpies were keen to keen to improve on the previous week’s efforts to try to score a few more goals and they certainly did!

Magpies first game was against City Leopards – they played some fantastic team hockey winning 2-0 which gave them enormous confidence and belief for the rest of the morning.

Next up was Dragons Cullen, a win would mean they would top the group. Again, they played well, keeping their structure and creating numerous goal scoring chances. Despite conceding one goal, Magpies triumphed 2-1. Four goals scored and still two more games to go!

In the play off games, Magpies continued to play with confidence with everyone contributing, in defence, midfield and attack, which resulted in a 2-0 win against Pelicans and a 3-0 win against City Panthers.

What a morning, fun had by all in the team scoring 9 goals and taking home a winners medal. Well done to the entire team for the individual effort and contribution which resulted in the mornings success.

Team: Georgia Flatt (GK), Ruby Boddy, Grace Clarke, Hannah Gartland, Molly Largent, Ellen Moodie, Amy Freeman, Alyssa Walker, Tilly Dodds, Evie Nesling


U12 A Girls at Norwich Dragons Minis

U12 A Girls – Norwich Dragons Tournament 09/10/2016

After a good start to the season at Norwich City last weekend, the U12 As returned to action at Norwich Dragons. With 5 teams in the gold section we were going to have to play Norwich City at some point and they were our first oppo. The game ended 2-1 to Norwich City with Anna scoring for Magpies. Neither side really got going following a great game between us last weekend so whoever the oppo next time out on the 30th October at Magpies, we will need to start quicker. After that it got much better and the girls took out their frustration on Dragons B with a 5-0 victory (Sophie x 2, Jess M, Jess T, Evie B) with their keeper having a good game as well. We then had a narrow 1-0 over a spirited Norwich City B team with a late late goal from Holly, oh how I enjoy those games ! We finished off with a solid 2-0 win over Dragons A with Jess M and Holly providing the goals. This was our best performance of the day with at last some confident, positive passing to each other in space. Abi in goal was lonely at times but when required kept her concentration and made good positive clearances. There is definitely more to come from this team, keep up the good work !

Squad :- Abi (GK), Evie H, Evie B, Jess M, Jess T, Emma, Anna C, Ruby P, Holly, Sophie.

TM – Jim Menzies


U12 A & C teams in high spirits at Norwich Dragons !


Magpies u12 girls end of season report

This is all the stuff that (Nick will be very grateful to know) will not go into the presentation evening speeches for which under 12 girls are eligible for awards in u11, u12 and girls development sections.

This year we wanted to achieve two things:

· Ensure that everyone gets the best possible chance to improve and participate and wants to come back for more next year,

· Get our 1st team to the Nationals.

So very nearly achieved on both counts!

38 Girls from beginner to advanced trained regularly on a Friday – last year I think we were around 24 so this is a massive uplift – all of whom had at least two competitive outings. We turned out 3 teams wherever possible and the team stats are:

Team P W D L GF GA
Squad 128 52 36 40 115 75
A team 44 35 6 3 78 6

17 girls got on the score sheet this year:

34 – Amy Collison

21 – Georgie Gardens

11 – Hannah Gartland

8 – Evie Hall

7 – Sophie Pettitt

6 – Holly Wills

4 – Jessica Menzies

3 – Ellen Pope

3 – Tabitha Borrett

3 – Holly Hanrahan

3 – Olivia Lapage

3 – Alyssa Walker

3 – Ellen Moodie

2 – Emma Williamson

2 – Grace Clarke

1 – Jessica Tarrant

1 – Amelia Slade

Thanks are due to many many people this year but in particular to Jim and most especially David – or Obi Wan as I call him – who’s wealth of experience, encouragement and patience we could not do without.

I hope you all have a fabulous summer, make it to some of our training camps, and come back refreshed and ready for an even better season next year at u12 or u14.

John Pope

Team Manager u12 2015-16

Match Report – U12Girls – Sunday 17th April – Alex Hill Memorial – Dereham

With the A team in action at the East a very strong B team graduated to A team status. Just as with the East team the A team had a full strength squad and the B team was similarly strengthened by regular A team members.

A big thanks to everyone who took part and to Chris, Julia and Marie who stood in for the boys at The East.

B team report

The first game was against Norwich City B team and we were attacking well. Shortly after we managed to score the first goal of the full team this season by Alyssa! After a Norwich goal was disallowed we kept the score at 1-0.

With a quick turnaround our second game was against Norwich Dragons B. We all played very well but lost narrowly 0-1.

The third game was against the home side Dereham. We were very good at passing around our defence, but after a many great tackles they managed to score. Magpies fought back with some runs up the pitch but before we had the chance to score Dereham caught us on the counter attack. Final result 0-2.

Game four was a tough game against Norwich Dragons A . Magpies were playing well and gaining in confidence and the final score 0-2 didn’t reflect the effort by the whole team.

The fifth game was against Norwich City A, it was very close with end to end play but unfortunately we conceded a goal in the final minute.

The last game of the season was against Magpies A which was played competitively with numerous shots at goal by the A team we kept it to a 0-4.

It was clear in this tournament how the team have progressed this year and everyone has developed as young players.

Team: Alyssa, Anna, Elena, Ellen M, Georgia, Hannah, Jade, Katie, Maddi, Megan, Sasha, Saskia

Marie and Julie

A team report

Prospects for our very strong new A team looked promising and so it proved with the team undefeated, not conceding a goal and beating Norwich City A to whom they were only pipped for the tournament title on goal difference.

Magpies A vs Norwich A 1-0 (Evie)

Magpies A vs Norwich B 2-0 (Holly, Tabitha)

Magpies A vs Dragons B 0-0

Magpies A vs Dereham 0-0

Magpies A vs Dragons A 1-0 (Evie)

Magpies A vs Magpies B 3-0 (Holly, Evie x2)

All of the girls played very well and did Magpies proud. Evie worked exceptionally hard, as did Victoria, and there were some great saves from Abi. We came second overall on goal difference to Norwich A – especially frustrating as we beat them!

Team: Abi, Evie, Grace C, Holly H, Honey, Jessica T, Molly, Olivia L, Tabitha, Victoria


This year with a squad of almost forty and running three teams everyone has improved so much with the chance to test themselves regularly in competition.

Match Report – u12 girls – Sunday 17 April – East Regional In2Hockey Club Championship Weybread

With hopes high the under 12 girls started their East campaign first up at 1000 as the Norfolk 2nd side. A flawless set of results in the morning placed us in the semis with one game to go and, but for team manager error, we might now be facing more training in anticipation of joining the boys (well done boys!) at Beeston.

On paper facing 3 county winners, one of whom had defeated us earlier in the season and we had first up, and 2 runners up, our group looked challenging. Unusually for us, we were quick out of the blocks and with a 2-0 win against Cambridge City followed immediately by 4-0 (including Amy hat-trick) against Bury we were in a fabulous position within 45 minutes of the start.

Everyone had played their part with full rotation and Grace had made few but vital saves supported dependably by Mimi and Ruby with Ellen running miles in midfield and Georgie and Amy weaving their magic all over the park. Emma, Holly, Jessica and Sophie all ran their hearts out in their rotational shifts enabling us to keep up the momentum.

After a short break the morning finished quickly with further 2-0 victories against Upminster and Blueharts and with that Semi Final qualification.

First out to lunch and last on in the final afternoon group stage we knew we had qualification and it was all a matter of who to face in the semis – win or draw and we had Ipswich, lose – Canterbury. And – no offence intended to Ipswich but – I blew it.

Next up were Sevenoaks, who qualified for the East as Kent runners up to Canterbury and they were in no mood to face – as they described after – their nemesis who had already secured top spot in their group. Not thinking enough of the game in hand, for four minutes I rested our strongest three outfield players and, with only two u12s on the pitch, by that time we were 2-0 down. Immediately reverting the girls we almost instantly got one back, Amy and Georgie clearly in the mood to move mountains worked tirelessly to set up Emma, before half time but having secured the advantage Sevenoaks, probably the strongest and certainly the most motivated team we’d faced so far, weren’t to crack.

Nick asked me later in the bar ‘Who was that mother that gave you such a thorough dressing down at the end of the Sevenoaks game?’ That Nick. Was my wife.

So, deflated, Holly and Jim peeled the girls up for what would be a very challenging qualification.

And how hard they fought. Two years ago at u10s, six of our girls faced the same Canterbury side and team management in what, as a 0-0, was described as the best game of the tournament.

Canterbury drew first blood from one of their often observed bits of silky wing play. Down 1-0 at half time and we piled on the pressure winning a penalty corner that Georgie despatched beautifully. Neither side wanting to face the lottery that is penalty strokes it was all out attack. Again Canterbury scored and again we countered. And but for one or two decisions not going our way – notably a shout for a stroke and at the death when Georgie, running through clean on goal was awarded a PC – we could have at least drawn 2-2.

A big big thank you to all our supporters including all the parents and all the Pelicans who stayed on to give us a magnificent and supportive roar.

Both Kent sides were excellent but neither was out of our league. Our girls performed as a team magnificently all day. Despite trying to encourage width, we played a bit narrow but it was effective. Two years ago we had a team of u10 girls who were pretty much all centre halves and could barely buy a goal. This year we still have a team of centre halves but almost all of them have been on the score sheet this year.

Every single one of our Magpies players did the club proud.

And congratulations to Canterbury (winners) and Sevenoaks (runners up) who represent The East on 14th May.

Magpies results

Pool B

2-0 v Cambridge City (Amy, Holly)

4-0 v Bury St Edmunds (Georgie, Amy 3)

2-0 v Upminster (Amy, Ellen)

2-0 v Bluehearts (Amy, Georgie)

1-2 v Sevenoaks (Emma)


1-2 v Canterbury (Georgie)

Amelia Slade, Amy Collison, Ellen Pope (Captain), Emma Williamson, Georgie Gardens, Grace Robertson (GK), Holly Wills, Jessica Menzies, Ruby Pottruff, Sophie Pettitt

Coaches: Holly Riches, Jim Menzies

Team manager (retired to a darkened room): John Pope

Photos to follow.

U12 Girls – Final full squad weekend preview

Sunday 17th April 2016 is the last day for the whole u12 girls squad with the A team at home for the East Regional In2Hockey Club Championships and our B and C teams at Dereham for the Alex Hill Memorial Tournament.

Under David Brook we have trained and performed as a squad this year with almost 40 girls regularly turning out and with 91 goals clocked up so far this season we’ll be looking to break into treble figures.

Alex Hill tournament at Dereham

Back to its post Easter slot this year will hopefully bring out the usual sunshine to round off a memorable year. Our very strong B and C teams should be in with great chances in their respective groups.

Our B team has played in all the A tournament groups this year and all the starred players below are on standby for A team withdrawals – as you can see we can field a complete replacement A team which is both a credit to everyone this year and hard on everyone who can’t be in the final ten for Weybread.

GKs Abi Lewis* and Katie Davey, Anna Seggons, Alyssa Walker, Elena Flatt, Ellen Moodie, Evie Hall*, Georgia Scott, Grace Clarke, Hannah Gartland, Holly Hanrahan*, Honey Lamdin*, Jade Bishop, Jessica Tarrant*, Maddi Forrest, Megan Dickson, Molly Largent, Olivia Lapage*, Sasha Napier, Saskia Draper, Tabitha Borrett*, Victoria Spouncer*

TMs: Chris Flatt and Marie Davy

Thanks also this season to all those who have played and who are unavailable on the 17th – Ella Spear, Grace King, Olivia Evans, Ruby Boddy, Tamsin Holmes. We have been able to turn out three teams wherever allowed and competition for the most improved played this season is intense from beginner through to most experienced.

East Regional In2Hockey Club Championships at Weybread – Sunday 17th April

[1000 v Cambridge City, 1022 v Bury St Edmunds, 1106 v Upminster, 1132 v Blueharts, 1322 v Sevenoaks, SF at 1405, Final 1440]

GK Grace Robertson, Amelia Slade, Amy Collison, Ellen Pope, Emma Williamson, Georgie Gardens, Holly Wills, Jessica Menzies, Ruby Pottruff, Sophie Pettitt

TM John Pope and coaches David Brook and Jim Menzies supported by Holly Riches and Sarah Brook

Our A team has clocked up 66 goals for to 4 against this season and in the County Champs we finished second having conceded no goals. Our first game on Sunday at 1000 is against the only team to beat us this season, Cambridge City. But none of our opposition teams need worry too much about us as we’ll be starting off gently as always playing our usual defensive flat back six.


Magpies u12 girls – Watton – Sunday 20 March 2016

A tournament
1. Magpies A
2. Norwich Dragons B
3. Magpies B
4. Norwich City A

B tournament
1. Pelicans
2. Magpies C
3. Dereham
4. Norwich Dragons B

On a day feeling very much like end of term it took some time for everyone to adapt back to the 8 minute one-way format that seemed such a distant memory. With only 3 C teamers – thanks Chris for holding it together – on the day the As and Bs chipped in, along with u10s goalkeeper Georgia and gave them a good structure to perform well, almost gaining a well deserved draw at the end of the tournament against Pelicans who, mysteriously absent from the original team sheet had to make do with a run out in the B tournament.

In the A tournament the B team almost had their scalp first up against the As who appeared to be still on the road from Weybread. Eventually though the A’s clicked – to be precise in their 5th match when we rounded off a clinical end to end four pass move with a good incisive goal. Meanwhile the Bs broke their tournament duck against City A and looked on course for their first victory only for relaxed whole team defending to let City back in to share the points. And the C’s with a bit of bolstering from the As and Bs very nearly grabbed the headlines against the County Champions.

Match results
Magpies C 3-0 Dragons B (Grace C x2, Evie)
Magpies A 0-0 Magpies B
Dragons A 1-0 Magpies B
Magpies A 4-0 Norwich City A (Amy x2, Georgie, Holly)
Magpies C 0-0 Dereham
Magpies A 2-0 Dragons A (Amy, Georgie)
Pelicans 2-0 Magpies C
Magpies B 0-0 Norwich City A
Magpies A 2-0 Magpies B (Amy x2)
Magpies C 3-0 Dragons B (Amelia, Holly x2)
Magpies B 0-0 Dragons A
Magpies A 4-0 Norwich City A (Amy x2, Georgie x2)
Magpies C 0-0 Dereham
Magpies A 1-0 Dragons A (Jessica)
Pelicans 2-1 Magpies C (Georgie)
Magpies B 1-1 Norwich City A (Ellen M)

All in all it’s been a fabulous season with the under 12s turning out three good teams at almost every tournament. Everyone has improved vastly and we now move on to the final stages on 17 April with the Alex Hill Memorial at Derehem for B and C teams and, hopefully not the last competitive outing for the As, at the East Regionals at Weybread – 1st game at 10am.

In the meantime, have a great Easter and forget about hockey for a couple of weeks!

Next training Friday 1st April. And no, that’s not a joke.

John and Jim

U12girls Match Report – Dragons Minis Tournament – Sunday 6 March 2016

A Tournament

A team – 1st

B team – 5th

B Tournament

C team – 5th

Another good tournament with the A team posting a marker for the East, once again undefeated and getting their immediate and first away victory against newly crowned County Champions Pelicans. The B team, down 4 regulars, turned in a fabulous performance justifying their place in the A tournament and but for the yips in the final third might well have caused a few scares – nevertheless gaining a 1-1 draw against almost impregnable City A. The C team, down to the bare 7 after overnight illnesses gave a good account of themselves and improved through the wintery morning.


v Norwich City 1-1 (Georgie)

v Norwich Dragons 1-0 (Amy)

v Magpies B 1-0 (Sophie)

v Pelicans 1-0 (Georgie)

A team objectives were simple: 1. Give all of last week’s subs a really good work-out and integrate into team, 2. Beat Pelicans. Once again – mission accomplished.

Our first game, always a tight one this season with Norwich City. The first third was end to end and in the middle third we deservedly conceded a scrappy opener from slack defending at a PC. Going all out attack for the last third the pressure gave us a penalty corner and from that, on the rebound, Georgie despatched one of her unplayable aerials – the first time we’ve come back from behind this season and a good 2 points salvaged. After today City are the only Norfolk side we have yet to beat on the road.

Giving our more junior members a good run out Dragons once again proved obstinate opposition but this time Amy came up with the goods early and, whilst the score remained tight, the balance of play settled with Magpies.

Next up the B team and again this time giving our junior members a good run out, this time in full out attack formation with GG playing at the back – having been given strict instructions that she was to have light duties prior to the afternoon’s JAC. But she hadn’t read the script – got the Centre bit right, but the coach was unaware that Back began with an F. This was attack hockey with no defence and the B team couldn’t believe their luck so much that they just couldn’t convert. Meanwhile at the other end, with six up front, a through ball to Evie right side near the back line, slipped calmly across to Sophie on left side past Abi and a simple sweep in – don’t say we didn’t give you the chance girls!

And then on to the serious business, Pelicans. No messing about with this one, strongest team on and full out attack with no margin for defensive error. And boy did we get a game. Both sides, determined to get themselves battle-hardened for the East went full at each other with, if I’m not mistaken, both at full strength. Two thirds through, Georgie made a rare attack from right to left and on the edge of the D calmly placed a strong assured push to the invisible attacker on the far post and, with no margin for error against a strong keeper, it pinged back and in off the post. Pelicans then upped the game further and countless defensive clearances from Ellen, Amy, the always assured Amelia and most of all, after some light encouragement from the sideline, left half Jessica who turned in a match winning defensive display. Rest assured in two weeks time at Watton we’ll be at it again!

A great test on our way to the East. Lots of good progress. Lots more to do.



v Dragons A 0-1

v Magpies A 0-1

v City A 1-1 (Alyssa)

v Pelicans 0-3

Today was another day where the U12 B team showed that they are genuinely making progress. Entered again into the A team section of the tournament, they proved that they were up for the challenge of competing with A teams from Magpies, Norwich City, Dragons and newly crowned Norfolk Champs Pelicans. The recent improvements that we have seen since the turn of the year I can put down to being positive in contention for the ball, clearing the lines with definite purpose into space or to a team mate, maintaining a shape in the team, playing more games together as a team and trusting each other to do their jobs. That said, we are competing against A teams so there are no easy games but we are now causing them all more problems than before and they have definitely got the bit between their collective teeth which is most pleasing. When playing against the better sides small errors often lead to goals and so it proved as we conceded a goal each to both Dragons and Magpies A to lose both 1-0 but more than held our own against both and on a different day would’ve claimed the scalp of our A Team but it wasn’t to be. Result of the day was a 1-1 draw against Norwich City with Alyssa scoring a well deserved equaliser from the left. Against Pelicans we lost 3-0 with three errors that the girls acknowledged but still created two excellent chances but alas no goals. Playing with a squad of only 7 outfield didn’t hinder the girls at all and they all worked extremely hard with Abi again staying alert and making some excellent saves, Ruby and Grace providing a strong and committed defensive wall with Alyssa, Jess T, Holly H, Hannah and Ellen rotating through a busy midfield / forward line in a genuine team effort. Well done all and keep it up.



v City B 0-2

v Dereham 0-1

v City C 0-0

v Dragons B 0-0

With only a bare 7 the coach’s job was easier and nobody had to stand on the side lines getting cold. The girls played well with several playing out of position and did very well in their new positions. In the games against City C’s and Dragons B’s they were able to do some good attacking play but were unable to finish, both games finished 0-0. In the Dereham game they were unlucky lose 1-0 and defended well to keep the score down to 2-0 against City B’s. Throughout the tournament again we saw more evidence of the girls trying to play the game in the right way and showing great determination in defence but also the ability to get forward when the opportunity arose. The goals will come so keep up the positive attitude.




Victorious A team – picture taken in the most match sleet.

Match Report – u12girls – Magpies Pre County Preparation

Magpies  U12 Girls

Pre County Preparation friendly with IES – Saturday 20 February

At the 11th hour IES kindly joined us to field a team with Magpies under 12 girls A and B teams at Weybread giving our A team a run out before the Norfolk County Championships. With the County Championship now passed and Magpies qualified for the East we’re delighted both to publish this report and thank both IES and the Magpies B team for the big part they played in helping our team get ready. The whole squad photo is below:


IES, with coaches (there’s only one…) Martin and Faith Reader, fielded the best u12 girls team they could given the constraints of half term and enthusiastically gave both our A and B teams a good run out.

IES v Magpies B, Magpies won 1-0 (Holly H) – good tenacious game and well done to the B’s for grinding out a result

Magpies B v Magpies A, A won 2-0 (Amy x 2) – B’s had their chances early on whilst A’s familiared themselves with new formation and each other but A’s weathered storm to build a result

IES v Magpies A, Magpies won 4-1 (Amy x 2, Evie, Sophie) – coach’s fault for conceding and losing our clean sheet for the year, forgot to deploy a defence!

A big thanks to DJ, Oli and from IES Chris Hatch all of whom umpired, to Tracey and Jim for help in setting up the fixture, and to everyone who supported on the day with especial thanks to Mel (chef) and Dawn (sous chef) with support from many who fed us afterwards.


More photos below:

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Match report – U12 Girls ‘B’ – 28 February 2016


On the same day as our A teams were competing in the Norfolk county championships at Pelicans we hosted a B team tournament at Magpies and welcomed teams from Norwich City, Norwich Dragons and Watton in both boys and girls in U10 & U12.

The U12 girls section was comprised of B & C teams from both Magpies and Norwich City so we had a double round robin playing each other twice. Unfortunately Norwich City were hampered by the very late call off of both of their keepers so Abi and Katy not only played every game for Magpies but also every game for both Norwich teams and so are easily my players of the tournament so well done to both to you ! You both had good days and made some excellent saves and had plenty of practice !

What was really pleasing and encouraging from a coaching / team management point of view is that there was a genuine improvement in the structure and ability level in both sides. The B’s had a good shape throughout and passed the ball confidently from side to side and showed that they had been listening in training after all when they scored a coach’s favourite goal which is where the right wings breaks into the ‘D’, reaches the baseline, looks up, crosses the ball for the on rushing left wing to slot home. Happy coach ! There were a lot of encouraging signs with strong clearances from the back with no panic or dithering and plenty of chances created and some taken so well done the B’s. With another tournament at Dragons next weekend, let’s take this momentum forwards.

Results :- Played 6 Won 4 Drawn 2

The C Team also had a good tournament and were again much improved from their last outing and looked to have genuine team spirit and bite about their play today. There was great determination throughout the team with a lot of very well timed tackling and willingness to get stuck in. This part of their play was never in question and when they combine this with a bit more precision in their clearing and distribution then the goals will start to come. What is most encouraging is the improvement in the ability and confidence levels of the girls and the application of drills and skills that we have been working on in training. Well done C’s !

Results :- Played 6 Drawn 3 Lost 3


Match Report u12girls In2Hockey Norfolk County Championship – Sunday 28 February – King’s Lynn

The under 12 girls went to King’s Lynn with their annual objective to make the East Championships at Weybread in April with a top 2 finish – Mission Accomplished!

  1. Pelicans 10 pts (p4, w3, d1, l0, 8-2)
  2. Magpies 8 pts (p4, w2, d2, l0, 9-0)
  3. Norwich City 5 pts (p4, w1, d2, l1 3-1)
  4. Norwich Dragons 4 pts (p4, w1, d1, l2, 6-8)
  5. Dereham 0 pts (p4, w0, d0, 0-15)

Playing two formations, an attack minded formation against the perceived weaker teams and a more ‘not-to-lose’ standard 2-3-1 against the stronger sides, 2 wins and 2 draws, 9 goals for none against gave Magpies the runners up spot that was the minimum to make it to the next stage.

An early start and first up with Dereham, thought to be the easiest of the opposition of the day, we went all out attack and within a minute, Emma, getting a rare outing up the pitch at right half hit a classic right to left belter in off the far post. Amy and Georgie were soon into the action. Amy first with one of her mazy runs and then three from Georgie, first from open play and then two classic PCs, the latter a real treasure with the perfect inverted banana profile crossing the goal line on its downward curve just below the height of the back boards. The 5-0 scoreline belies just how hard Dereham made us work with, despite the scoreline, their keeper having a great game.

Next up Norwich City, definitely one of our challengers for a place at the East, and with this the more defensive minded 2-3-1. Pretty much end to end stuff with both management teams somewhat frustrated by the lack of decisions going their way. I’d have taken a 0-0 and this is what we got.

After a 45 minute rest we faced Norwich Dragons with a dilemma, stick or twist. Recent games between us have been very tight and with Dragons drawing 0-0 with City this suggested a tight game. We went for it with our attacking formation and overwhelmed Dragons before they knew what had hit them with 2 apiece from Amy and Georgie. Comedy moment of the day came, as so often, from Mimi who clearly fatigued from having been in ‘alert cat mode’ all morning temporarily slipped into ‘away with the fairies mode’. Fortunately with two Dragons attackers bearing down on her and no defence to be seen Grace in goal gave them a good hard stare and that seemed to do the trick, thus ensuring the defensive clean sheet remained.

Playing safe for the final game against Pelicans who had won all their games, beating City narrowly by 1-0 en route, this was a strong end to end performance with both sides having their chances albeit without Pelicans somehow managing to concede any PCs or (allegedly) a stroke. 0-0 gave Pelis the tournament and alongside Magpies, qualification for the East at Weybread in April.

Lots of big thanks to everyone, Pelicans, parents and especially the three subs Evie, Holly and Jessica who spent a substantial time on the bench for a very long trip. All good experience for next year’s County Champs when you will still qualify for under 12s and I promise you plenty more practice in the upcoming friendly tournaments.



And the squad with the victorious under 10s. Some younger siblings may need to keep a low profile if they’re going to make it through to Friday….


Match Report – u12 girls – Norwich City Minis – Sunday 31 January 2015

Three Magpies under 12 games teams made the early trek up to Taverham on a very grey and chilly but thankfully dry morning.

A big thanks to Norwich City and especially Sarah Anthony for once again putting on such a great tournament.

GOLD Tournament

1st Magpies A – won 4 drawn 1 – 13 pts

6th Magpies B

SILVER Tournament
5th Magpies C


Magpies under 12 girls A and B teams (sorry C team next time!) for Norwich City minis


A: Amelia, Amy, Emma, Evie, Georgie, Grace (GK), Holly W, Jessica, Ruby, Sophie – TM John

B: Abi, Alyssa, Ellen, Grace, Hannah, Holly H, Honey, Jade, Jessica T, Molly – TM Jim

C: Anna, Elena, Georgia, Katie (GK), Maddi, Megan, Sasha, Saskia – TM Chris Flatt
(Big thanks to Chris in his first of what will no doubt be many outings!)

Under 12 girls C team report

A challenging start to another busy minis day for the U12C girls, with a 2-0 defeat against NCHC Leopards. Magpies started very well, with a great, free-flowing first movement of play but, in the end, Leopards proved the better side.

Second game against NCHC Panthers was very evenly matched, with neither team letting the other through, and ended 0-0.

Although it ended 2-0 to Dereham, Magpies really came together in their third match, with defended, midfield and attack working well together.

In the final match, against Dragons B, Magpies were very unlucky not to find goal as they dominated play, but could not quite get a shot off in the area.

A very big well done and thankyou goes to all the girls for playing so well and putting in such a big effort.

Well done

Chris Flatt

Under 12 girls B team report

We opted to enter our Magpies B team into the Gold section of the tournament along with A Teams from Norwich City, Norwich Dragons, Pelicans, Magpies and also another B team from Norwich City.

We lost 1-0 to both Norwich City teams and Pelicans, 3-0 to Magpies A and drew 0-0 with Norwich Dragons. This may seem like we had a bad day at the office but it was far from that. All three of the 1-0 defeats were tight games and could’ve easily had draws from these games. The draw against Dragons was a game that we bossed and on another day won. Our Magpies A team were clinical and punished us for not clearing out lines when under pressure and deserved their victory.

What pleased me most was that we battled throughout and showed genuine desire to work as a team and help out our team mates. We tried to play hockey the right way and retain our shape, we defended with great determination and certainly showed significant signs of improvement in our skill levels and application. We tackled hard and in principle cleared our lines well from the back with particular mention going to Honey and Grace Clarke who had great tournaments. With a little more composure and accuracy we will only get better and our narrow defeats and hard fought draws will turn into victories. Keep it up girls….


Under 12 girls A Team Report

On a chilly day there were lots of tight contests and pretty much every opposition gave us a robust encounter. Every 1-0 could have gone the other way. It’s to our credit that all the girls worked and fought like Trojans and credit must go to the defence of Amelia, Emma, Grace and Ruby for once again keeping a tournament clean sheet. The team comedy moment came with the look on Amy and Georgie’s faces when I put them in defence for the A v B game. I’m sure they’ll get their own back. Debuts for Evie and Ruby both growing into the tournament as it progressed.

won 1-0 v Norwich City Tigers (Sophie)

won 1-0 v Pelicans (Amy)

drew 0-0 v Norwich City Lions

won 3-0 v Magpies B (Evie, Sophie x 2)

won 1-0 v Dragons (Georgie)


Victorious under 12 girls A team ready to sprint off before the rain

We may be arranging another mini minis just before but at present our next outing is the County Championships in King’s Lynn on Sunday 28 February.

Thanks once again to everyone,