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Harleston Magpies U12 Girls report


Finished equal 1st

Magpies A played in the Gold section with fewer but longer matches.

The first match against Norwich City A was the decisive match of the Tournament and resulted in a disappointing 0-0 draw, although Magpies will feel that they did enough in the final stages of the match to win it, going very close with two late chances.

Against Dereham Magpies soon got into their stride with two goals each for Lottie Summers and Amelia Preece to record a 4-0 win.

Similarly against Norwich Dragons Magpies showed a ruthless streak winning 5-0. Lottie Summers 2, Amelia Preece 2 and Rose Winter.

In the final match Magpies again won 5-0 against Pelicans with goals from Lottie Summers 3 and Amelia Preece 2 with both girls in great form throughout the Tournament. Magpies thought they had scored enough goals to win the Tournament on goal difference, but it was not to be. Both Magpies and Norwich City were equal on goal difference so finished equal first.

Next week Magpies will be playing in the Norfolk Championship at Pelicans as they compete for a place in the East Finals.

Team: Lottie Summers (Capt), Shannon Hedge (GK), Rose Winter, Amelia Preece, Hannah Dobson, Martha Lawrence, Amelia Herschel-Shorland, Anna Kilbourn and Mia King.

Harleston Magpies U12 Girls report


Harleston Magpies U12 Girls deservedly won the Norwich City Tournament by beating Norwich Lions 1-0 in the final match of the Tournament. Whoever won the final game won the Tournament. In an excellent game Magpies had the edge and Lottie Summers broke away to score the crucial goal. This result made up for their disappointing game in losing 1-0 to Norwich Tigers.

Dereham Won 2-0  Lottie Summers, Amelia Preece

Norwich Lions Lost 0-1

Norwich Dragons Won 4-0 Eve Barnes 2, Lottie Summers, Amelia Preece

Pelicans  Won 3-0 Lottie Summers 2, Eve Barnes

Watton  Won 4-0 Amelia Preece 2, Lottie Summers, Martha Lawrence

Norwich Lions Won 1-0 Lottie Summers

Team: Lottie Summers (Capt), Shannon Hedge, Hannah Dobson, Maja Barnes, Martha Lawrence, Amelia Preece, Amelia Herschel –Shorland and Eve Barnes        

Magpies Minis Tournament Photos

Under 12 Girls: B Team in red and the A Team in white – tournament winners.
Under 12 boys – 3rd place in tournament
Under 10 girls: B team in stripes and the A team in white – tournament winners

                      Under 10 boys – tournament winners

Loti Summers in action for under 12 girls

                                        Georgie Cantrell scoring for under 10 girls

Molly Warnes and Ellie Gorling vs Norwich City under 10s.

Harleston Magpies U12 Girls Report


Harleston Magpies U12 Girls made a very successful start to the season in the opening Tournament hosted by Magpies, winning all their seven matches to finish as winners. They scored 20 goals and conceded just one goal . Forward Lottie Summers scored 13 goals and centre midfield Amelia Preece scored 5 goals from centre midfield and those two carried a real threat all afternoon, well supported by the rest of the team.

Watton won 3-0 Amelia Preece 2, Lottie Summers
Norwich City A won 2-0 Amelia Preece, Lottie Summers
Dereham won 3-0 Lottie Summers 3
Pelicans won 3-0 Lottie Summers 2, Mia King
Norwich City B won 2-0 Lottie Summers 2
Norwich Dragons won 3-1 Lottie Sumers 2, Martha Lawrence
Magpies B won 4-0 Amelia Preece 2, Lottie Summers 2
Finished 1st.

Squad: Lottie Summers (Capt), Shannon Hedge, Kitty Scott Barber, Hannah Dobson, Amelia Preece, Martha Lawrence, Amelia Herschel-Shorland, Mia King and Anna Kilbourn.

Magpies U12 Girls report


Magpies entered two teams in the Dereham Tournament with the A team finishing joint 3rd and the B team coming 7th.

Both teams were in different sections The A team started with a 3-0 win over Dereham B with goals from Mia King, Alice Woollatt and Matilda Warde-Adlam. Next up were the favourites Norwich City.

Unfortunately Magpies marking in defence was very poor and they lost 5-0. Despite this result Magpies bounced back to beat Norwich Dragons 1-0 with a goal from Alice Woollatt. In the final game in the section Magpies beat Pelicans B team 3-0 (Ismay Whittaker, Mia King and Matilda – Warde-Adlam).

As Magpies finished second in the section they met Pelicans A from the other group in a match to decide 3rd and 4th position. The result was a 0-0 draw but Magpies had plenty of chances to win the match.

Team: Ismay Whittaker (Capt), Shannon Hedge, Amelia Preece, Sophie Child, Evie Hall, Mia King, Alice Woollatt and Matilda Warde-Adlam

The B team had some tough matches but started with a 0-0 draw against Norwich City B. They then lost 4-0 and 5-0 to Dereham A and Pelicans A respectively. An excellent 2-0 win against Watton saw Anna Kilbourn and Libby Chatten score the goals.

In their play off match they drew 0-0 against Dereham B.
Team: Abigail Bourne, Liberty Chatten, Ellen Harness, Anna Kilbourn, Hollie Sewell, Lucy Westmacott, Mia Gower and Amy Hill

Harleston Magpies U12 GirlsReport


Magpies U12 Girls won their opening match 1-0 against Norwich Dragons thanks to a goal from Georgie Warren. Next up Magpies played Dereham A in a game they needed to win if they were going to finish in the top two teams to qualify for the East Finals. Unfortunately the result was 0-0.

Next up were the favourites Norwich City and in a hard fought match, Norwich won 1-0 from a penalty corner. This result was not that significant as Norwich went on to win all their games.

Magpies now needed to finish second and in a crunch match against Pelicans A they were the better side and even hit the post but again a 0-0 result was their downfall.

Magpies won their two finals matches against Dereham B team 7-0 (Georgie Warren, Mia King 2, Lottie Summers 4) and 3-0 against Pelicans B team (Lottie Summers 3).

Magpies finished in third place behind Norwich and Pelicans.

Team: Georgie Warren (Capt), Shannon Hedge ( GK), Ismay Whittaker, Hannah Dobson, Sophie Child, Amelia Preece, Alice Woollatt, Mia King and Lottie Summers

Harleston Magpies U12 Girls report


Harleston Magpies Under 12 Girls finished 3rd in the Tournament in a very useful warm up to the U12 Girls Norfolk Championship next weekend at PelicansHC. The only game they lost was to the eventual winners Norwich City in the opening game, where a draw would have been a fair result.

However they will need to score more goals next weekend.

Norwich City lost 0-1

Pelicans drew 0-0

Norwich Dragons A won 1-0 Alice Woollatt

Ipswich drew 0-0

Dereham drew 0-0

Norwich Dragons B won 2-0 Mia King, Amelia Preece

Watton won 3-0 Alice Woollatt, Issy Whittaker, Mia King

Team: Issy Whittaker (capt), Shannon Hedge, Rose Winter, Hannah Dobson, Sophie Child, Amelia Preece, Mia King and Alice Woollatt

Harleston Magpies U10/U12 Girls Tournament


Harleston Magpies hosted their annual Girls Mini Tournament with ten U12 teams and seven U10 teams. Some excellent hockey was played in the warm conditions.

Unfortunately Magpies U12 A team having finished 2nd and 1st in recent Tournaments saved their worst results for their own Tournament. They did not play badly but for some reason just seemed unable to finish off their good work by putting the ball in the net. They were unbeaten but no less than seven 0-0 score lines ensured that they would not be competing for the medals. Their only wins came against Watton and Norwich Dragons. They finished 5th.

Team: Georgina Warren (Capt), Anna Kilbourn, Hannah Dobson, Lottie Summers, Ismay Whittaker, Alice Woollatt, Sophie Child, Mia King, Martha Lawrence and Amelia Preece.

Magpies U12 B team continue to progress the more they play Tournament hockey. It is very hard to compete against A teams but the side did well with four drawn matches. Their best results were drawing against Pelicans and Magpies A. They finished 9th.

Team: Hollie Sewell, Charlotte Johnson, Shannon Hedge, Ellen Harness, Matilda Warde-Adlam, Mia Gower, Abigail Bourne, Amy Hill, Liberty Chatten and Rose Winter.

The U10 Girls are doing their own Tournament report.

We are very grateful for the large number of helpers who gave up their time to make this a successful Tournament.

U12 Girls report re PelicansTournament


Harleston Magpies U12 Girls played in the Pelicans tournament and finished as runners up after losing to Pelicans in the final. The team played well throughout the Tournament but two quick goals conceded in the final ensured that they would go home as runners up. The side showed several changes from the recent Ipswich Tournament.

Norwich Dragons won 2-0 Lottie Summers 2

Wisbech GS won 2-0 Alice Woollatt, Lottie Summers

Dereham A won 1-0 Sophie Child

Pelicans B won 2-0 Lottie Summers, Alice Woollatt

Semi Finals

Norwich City won 1-0 Lottie Summers


Pelicans lost 0-2

Team: Lottie Summers (Capt), Anna Kilbourn, Ismay Whittaker, Sophie Child, Amelia Preece, Abigail Bourne, Alice Woollatt and Hannah Dobson.

U12 Girls Report Ipswich Tournament


Harleston Magpies entered two U12 Girls team in the Ipswich Tournament to give as many players as possible the chance to play Tournament hockey. The Tournament was divided into two sections of four with the Magpies teams in different sections.

The A team results were as follows:

Grasshoppers won 4-0
Lottie Summers 4

Bury B won 4-0
Georgina Warren 2, Lottie Summers 2

Cambridge Drew 0-0

Magpies finished 1st in their section.

Semi Finals: Lost 0-2 to Ipswich A

3rd/4th play off Drew 1-1 v Cambridge
Lottie Summers.

Finished joint 3rd.

Team: Georgina Warren (Capt), Katie Westmacott, Hannah Dobson, Lottie Summers, Ismay Whittaker, Amelia Preece and Alice Woollatt

The B team results were as follows:

Ipswich A lost 1-2
Libby Chatten

Bury A lost 0-1

Sudbury Not appeared

Ipswich ES won 1-0
Abigail Bourne

Team: Abigail Bourne, Mia Gower, Amy Hill, Rose Winter, Anna Kilbourn, Evie Hall, Ellen Harness, Libby Chatten and Charlotte Johnson,

Harleston Magpies U12 Girls Report

Harleston Magpies entered two U 12 Girls teams in the Norwich City Tournament to give as many players as possible the chance to play competitive hockey.
The A team had a very successful day winning all their matches to finish first. The B team inevitably found life much harder winning just one match, but competing well all day with a very inexperienced team.
A team
Dereham                             won       1-0          Georgie Warren
Norwich B                           Won      1-0          Lottie Summers
Pelicans                               Won      1-0          Mia King
Norwich C                           Won      2-0          Georgie Warren, Lottie Summers
Magpies B                           Won      3-0          Lottie Summers 2, Georgie Warren
Norwich A                           Won      1-0          Lottie Summers
Team: Georgie Warren (Capt), Shannon Hedge, Hannah Dobson, Amelia Preece, Sophie Child, Martha Lawrence, Mia King and Lottie Summers.
B Team
Norwich C                           Won      1-0          Matilda Warde-Aldam
Pelicans                                Lost        0-3
Dereham                             Lost        4-0
Magpies B                           Lost        0-3
Norwich A                           Lost        2-0
Norwich B                           Lost        1-0
Team:  Hollie Sewell, Anna Kilbourn, Matilda Warde-Aldam, Charlotte Johnson, Abigail Bourne, Ellen Harness, Amy Hill, Mia Gower and Caitlin Owles

Harleston Magpies U12 Girls


The Under 12 Girls Tournament was played in three sections. Magpies were in the same group as Canterbury, Cambridge City, Upminster and Sudbury.

Harleston Magpies made a very promising start in their opening game when Isobel Knowles scored early on to take the lead against Cambridge City. With 90 seconds left on the clock Magpies seemed as though they would hang on to their win. Unfortunately Cambridge equalised in the last minute.

Against Sudbury Magpies produced their most disappointing performance in a game they needed to win after dropping points against Cambridge. For some reason the spark was missing as Magpies played out a 0-0 draw.

Canterbury was to be their hardest game and Magpies produced a very good performance. Magpies had two tremendous goal scoring chances in the first and last minute of the match but they just could not take them. In between Canterbury had their chances but Lucie Gooch in goal made some excellent saves. As it turned out Canterbury went on to be the East Winners.

With three draws Magpies had to win their last game against Upminster to have a chance of going through to the final stages. Eventually Magpies scored in the second half with an excellent inter passing movement between Georgina Warren and Anna Harrod to set up Isobel Knowles to score. Upminster fought back to score a late equaliser but with a minute left Anna Harrod scored the winner.

As it turned out this was not enough for Magpies to go through to the final stages. Ironically Magpies were probably the only unbeaten team in the Tournament as the eventual winners Canterbury lost a game in the section.

Team: ElizaBell (Capt), Lucie Gooch, Sophie Dixon, Sophie Child, Hannah Dobson, Elle Eglington, Georgina Warren, Anna Harrod, Martha Lawrence and Isobel Knowles

Magpies U12 Girls at Dereham Report


Harleston Magpies Girls U12A team having finished second in the County Finals and first in the Watton Tournament in the previous two weeks came back to earth with a bump, when they finished fourth at the Dereham Tournament.

With the Tournament in two sections Magpies needed to start with a win but a very indifferent performance saw them draw 0-0 with Dereham B. The team was slightly disrupted by the absence of a late arrival but they should still have been able to score. The next game against Norwich City A the County winners saw Magpies play much better in a hard fought 0-0 draw. Magpies finally started scoring goals when they beat Norwich Dragons 2-0 and finished off their section game with a 1-0 win against Watton.

As the runners up in their section Magpies played Pelicans in the third /fourth play off. Pelicans quickly took a 2-0 lead and despite Magpies pulling a goal back to make it 2-1 it was too late.

With Magpies playing in the East Finals on Saturday April 16th at Harleston, they will need to raise their game considerably on this big occasion.

Magpies A team

Eliza Bell, Lucie Gooch, Sophie Dixon, Amy Ryder, Anna Harrod, Isobel Knowles, Elle Eglington and Georgina Warren

Harleston Magpies Girls U12 B team had a rare chance to play in a Tournament and for four of them this was their first Tournament.

They started really well losing narrowly 1-0 against Norwich City B team. Two very difficult matches saw them lose 3-0 to Dereham A and 4-0 to Pelicans. In their game against Dereham C they were very unlucky to draw 0-0 as they hit the post and had several other good chances.

In the cross over play offs they drew 0-0 with Watton which was a very good result and performance. They worked very hard as a team and continued to improve throughout the Tournament and this was a great experience for them. They finished 8th . Thanks to Lisa Dobson for running the team.

Magpies B team

Kitty Gooch, Mia Gower, Hannah Dobson, Ellie May-Harvey, Maddy Felton, Lavinia Carless, Sophie Bodmore and Ella Beal

Harleston Magpies U12 Girls report


Harleston Magpies U12 Girls finished as winners of the Watton Tournament. Having finished as runners up in the Norfolk Championship the week before they went one step further this time against the same teams, including a win over Norwich City who finished first last time. Next week the Dereham Tournament followed by the East Finals on Saturday April 16th.

Dreham A – Drew 0-0

Pelicans Won 1-0

Dereham B Won 2-0

Norwich City Won 1-0

Watton Won 3-0

Team: ElizaBell, Emily Hunt, Sophie Dixon, Amy Ryder, Sophie Child, Georgina Warren, Elle Eglington, Anna Harrod and Issy Knowles

Harleston Magpies U12 Girls


Harleston Magpies Under 12 Girls finished as runners up in the Norfolk Club Championship and so qualified for the East Finals on the weekend of April 16th or 17th to be held at Harleston Magpies.

Magpies started slowly as they struggled in their first game against Norwich Dragons but eventually won 2-0 (Eliza Bell, Isobel Knowles). They showed much more confidence when beating Dereham B 3-0 with Sophie Dixon opening the scoring with a penalty corner strike and Anna Harrod and Eliza Bell adding further goals.

Magpies beat Watton 5-0 with goals from Eliza Bell 2, Georgina Warren, Anna Harrod and Isobel Knowles all chipping in with goals. Pelicans gave Magpies a real shock by taking the lead in their hardest game so far but Magpies fought back well and two goals from Isobel Knowles ensured Magpies kept their 100% record.

In their penultimate match Magpies met the favourites Norwich City and they played their best hockey of the Tournament and were very unlucky to lose 1-0. Magpies had two tremendous chances in the opening few minutes but just could not put them away. Norwich City then took the lead but Magpies still had several promising attacks where they had the numerical advantage but just could not find the equaliser.

This meant that in their final game Magpies needed a draw and Dereham needed a win to clinch second place. Magpies just hung on for the draw and were clearly suffering from the tremendous work they had put into the Norwich match. Fortunately Lucie Gooch in goal made a couple of important saves to ensure Magpies came second.

Squad: Eliza Bell (Capt), Lucie Gooch, Sophie Dixon, Amy Ryder, Sophie Child, Georgina Warren, Elle Eglington, Isobel Knowles and Anna Harrod.

Harleston Magpies Girls Mini Tournament


Harleston Magpies played host to ten U12 teams and six U10 teams on Sunday. Magpies entered two U12 teams and two U10 teams to give as many players as possible the chance to play.

The U12 A team showed considerable improvement from the last time they played at Norwich City a few weeks ago finishing third with 7 wins, 1 draw and one defeat. Eliza Bell scored 11 goals.


Magpies B won 3-0 Eliza Bell 2, Georgina Warren

Norwich B won 1-0 Eliza Bell

Dereham A drew 0-0

Watton won 4-0 Eliza Bell 3, Isobel Knowles

Pelicans won 1-0 Eliza Bell

Dereham B won 2-1 Eliza Bell 2

Norwich A lost 0-2

Norwich Dragons won 3-0 Georgina Warren 2, Eliza Bell

Bury won 2-0 Sophie Dixon, Eliza Bell

Team: ElizaBell (Capt), Lucie Gooch, Elle Eglington, Sophie Dixon, Georgina Warren, Martha Lawrence, Isobel Knowles and Sophie Child.

The U12 B team understandably had a tough time competing against mostly Club A teams but they battled hard in all their games and it will have been a great experience.


Magpies A lost 0-3

Norwich Dragons drew 0-0

Bury drew 0-0

Norwich B lost 1-2 Isobel Napier

Watton lost 0-1

Dereham A lost 0-1

Dereham B lost 0-1

Norwich A lost 0-2

Pelicans drew 0-0

Team: Emily Hunt, Hannah Dobson, Alivia Bhullar, Amy Ryder, Madelaine Felton, Isobel Napier, Matilda Warde-Adlam, Hattie Hopkins and Annabel Young.

The U10 report will be sent in by the U10 Managers.