Harleston Magpies mixed match report

Harleston magpies mixed vs Letchworth

Letchworth 1 – 4 Harleston magpies mixed

After a good win in the last round Magpies sponsored by Parson Estate agents, travelled away to Letchworth full of confidence for another victory. This round Lizzie Clymer and Richard Larkin were unavailable, leaving Archie Winter to step up in his debut for the mixed team. Before magpies could get under way a spare pair of shoes had to be found for Tibbenham who realised she had left her Astros at magpies, luckily Maria had some trainers.

Magpies started strong from the whistle, and Letchworth responded with lots of good transfers round the back making life difficult for magpies. Shortly Into the first half after some well worked play down the pitch, Maria Andrews picked up the ball at the top of the circle. A strong reverse strike well executed found the backboard taking magpies 1-0 up. Letchworth responded to the goal pushing forward and causing trouble in Harleston’s defending circle. A threat to Andrew Bedwell of no food afterwards if he didn’t score led to him lobbing the ball over his own goal keeper, unfortunately Chris Leek could not quite get to it, 1-1. Determined not to let Letchworth back in the game, Harleston had to up their game. Magpies started working the ball around well from the middle with Archie Winter working well and distributing the ball. Late on in the first half Robbie Kinsella picked up the ball on the 25, with some slick moves he beat one player and passed the ball on to Laura Tibbenham in the D, who then slipped it right for Maria to pop it home, 2-1.

In the second half magpies had more of a grip on the formation Letchworth were playing forcing them to work the ball round the back. Play continued with magpies looking like the more dominant team. Leigh Sitch soaked up any pressure from the back and distributed to Lauren Barber and Lauren Mickleburgh wide on the wings. Magpies were looking for another goal to extend the gap Thomas Ridley and Simon Hipwell pushed forward. Some lovely passing between man of the match Archie Winter and Maria Andrews saw magpies in the D again and a cross from the right to Laura Tibbenham on the post to pop in, magpies 3-1. Magpies didn’t waste anytime attacking again Maria Andrews hassling the goal and managing to slip the ball right for Laura Tibbenham to get her second of the day, 4-1.

Another good result for the mixed team, next fixture is at home date and opposition to be confirmed.