Ladies 7th Team v Norwich City Ladies 7s W 3-0

Both teams met on a very windy, morning to play on the ‘sand’ pitch; thankfully, there wasn’t any sand being blown around.  We met our match with Norwich City as play seemed to be equally divided, yet we were awarded a couple of short corners during the first half and gradually showed our strength.  At one point, the ball was slammed straight into the Norwich City keeper’s feet but not before it had struck a defender’s foot.  Our sharp-eyed umpire awarded us a penalty stroke.  Emma Tolhurst stepped up to the mark and expertly flicked the ball into the bottom right-hand corner of the goal.

During the second half, play seemed to be concentrated on our right wing with the ball flying up and down the pitch and some fine crosses made by Alison Priest.  Jess Tarrant, with great skill, managed to storm through the Norwich City defenders and score.   Anna Seggons made some terrific runs and Jenny Meyer, in midfield, fought hard for every ball.   Norwich City fought back hard and managed a strike at goal but, luckily, it was diverted by our goal keeper.  Ellen Moodie ran through the Norwich defence line and struck the ball at goal; it neatly rolled past the keeper’s feet.  A good result!