Mens 3rd Team v Sudbury 2nd W 4-0

It was a quiet warm-up from magpies 3s to start with against the Sudbury 2s. A quick inspiring pep talk from Phil and Adam, then the eager magpies side began. In the first 10 minutes the attack piled the pressure on the slow Sudbury back four, with the magpies defence not having to much to do, however  not letting the Sudbury forwards anywhere near our circle.
The first goal came from a fast counter attack. Phil hitting the ball towards a good lead from Matt Brand who managed to pick out James Stacey leading behind the defence, who with a couple of touches at the top of the circle rifled the ball into the bottom corner. 
After some more probing attempts from the magpies  forward line, Sudbury made a couple of threatening attacks, but man of the match Seth Read with some  great tracking back and solid tackles stopped the attacks in their tracks. Then the half time whistle blew for 1-0 magpies at half time.
A couple of words from Phil and a quick swap of the Sudbury keepers, saw a re-energised magpies side back out to go and score some more goals and that’s what they did. 5 minutes in, and a cracking goal from Jamie who picked the ball up after a save from the keeper and hit the ball in around the top of the back board in the corner.
Then many more attacks came and after a bad tackle  from the opposition defence a penalty corner was given. A good injection from Jamie then lead to Matt Brand going past the 2 runners to flick into the net to put the magpie side up 3-0. Then with 10mins to go, after some ‘odd’ decisions from the umpires, Ben Emms scored on the back post, lifting the ball over the keeper to finish off the Sudbury side. The final whistle blew, magpies gaining a solid win away from home, with their young players now getting used to the pace of men’s 3’s.