Mixed”B” v Dereham L 1-9

 It was the start of something new, with magpies mixed “B” team playing away to Dereham in the first fixture of the cup/plate. Before the game began we all agreed that enjoyment was at the forefront of our game. Inspired by the mixed “A” team win, we wanted to get our head in the game.
The late starting match could be said to have unsettled magpies, but alas, a solid first half was in store.  But the defence of Knock, Cumming, Tolhurst and Plum were beaten with a slick play with two quick concessions.  But we soon realised, we are all in this together, which led to a breaking free movement, from Tibbenham and Seth . Making the score 2-1 at half time.
Half time talks about sticking to the status quo were brief and taken on board.
The second half began with the rain on our backs and the fire in our hearts at the sight of not making the cup.  With a few star players from Dereham, the goals kept coming. But spirits were high from Magpies. A goal that bopped to the top the net, with Nick (Snakey) failing to use his legs we started to crumble like a pret amanger croissant. With collisions from Cumming into Caswell-Dodd another goal was driven into the defences net. More importantly the late start began to worry some players about the chicken in the oven at home.
After the game, with the horizon of hope fading fast we accepted our fate. 

Final score 9-1 did not reflect the play of the game, but the future may look brighter now making the plate. 

A winter of rest and relaxation is maybe what the team needs. Who knew that you could be so happy when losing 9-1, it proves that hockey is the real winner and we stuck to our roots (enjoyment at the forefront of our game). 

One step closer to the plate we take, one giant leap for magpies hockey.