Harleston Magpies hosted the 3rd Santa vs Elves (Dads v Lads) hockey match to bring to a close the first half of the season with the Snowflake Cup and following FIH Lapland sanction the inaugural Icicle Trophy for Mr & Mrs Claus’s and her Reindeer (Mums & Dads v Girls).
With the winds switching on Friday night to northerly’s, Julie Raingauge had to make an early morning pitch inspection but apart from confirming a chilly morning was in store for all the pitches were once again playable and over 70 Santa’s, Mrs Claus’s, Elves and Reindeers took to the pitches.  Many thankful for the extra layers their costumes offered.
With many of the Santa’s / Mrs Claus’s new to hockey there was plenty to cheer as family took on one another with many personal battles being played out leading in the Dads v Lads match to two Santa’s spending time in the sin bin for inappropriate behaviour towards elves!  The was the first time any warnings have had to be issued in the 3 year history of the Santa vs Elves Snowfalke Cup and Santa Emms, tema Captain /Manager and Coach will now have to face the FIH Lapland disciplinary panel before next seasons match.  Santa Emms defence “the elves in question had been asking for it all year” did not wash with the match officials neither is it likely to be accepted by the disciplinary panel.  Although it goes to show just how much the Snowflake Cup and Icicle Trophy means to those taking part.
In both matches the deadlock was broken first by the Santa’s / Mrs Claus’s.  The unstoppable Santa Emms scoring to give the Dad’s an early lead, Santa Bowden putting the Mixed Santa’s ahead against the girls.  However the lure of mince pies proved to be the downfall for both Santa teams.
Whilst mince pies were being eaten and mulled wine was sipped the Elves were planning, penalty corner variations, attacking formations and slick passing routines and following the restart both Elf teams used their planning and fitness to devastating effect, equalising, going ahead and finally putting the result beyond doubt with well taken third goals.
With the scores beyond the reach of the Santa’s and Mrs Claus’s and turkey rolls beckoning in the clubhouse matches where abandoned and all assembled heading in to the warmth of the clubhouse for festive food and the presentation of the Snowflake Cup and Icicle Trophy – deservedly won by the Elf’s.  

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