After last year’s Pelican’s tournament, where we battled with the elements and suffered hypothermia, it was a relief to be greeted by sunshine and no rain as we arrived in deepest Norfolk for an early Sunday morning start. Unusually for us the Harleston team did not require the first match to get out of the starting blocks and hit the ground running. In fact, due to us not concentrating on the instruction that our pitch was working on a horn and the U10s were on the bell, we managed to stage an impromptu pitch invasion in our eagerness to get our GK in the end away from the sun with a mis-timed charge. Perhaps it was this that woke everyone up but the result was that we scored against Dragons in pretty much the first move of the game. That goal very much set the tone for the whole tournament in which time after time the Magpies girls worked the ball out wide before stringing more passes together en route to goal. Some of the goals had moments of excellent individual skill (a lovely reverse hit strike from Amie springs to mind) but many involved so many quality passes that the final touch was just a simple tap in, the hard work already having been done. The final score against Dragons was a comfortable 5 – 0  win (Amie 1, Beth 2, Evie 2). Next up was Norwich – and the question was, were the Norwich Pixies or the Norwich Elves their A team?? As it happened, they had split their strength and the Harleston team proved too strong for both with 5-0 v the Pixies (Amie 4, Beth 1) and 6-0 v the Elves (Amie 4, Beth 1, Evie 1). It was a very dominant performance by the Magpies team that left the City teams struggling to create many attacks at all as they were under constant pressure from both flanks. The morning finished with a match against our B team. We were concerned that this would be tough for our B team but in the end they defended strongly and made it hard for the A team to take their chances in this game. A couple of goals close to the end resulted in a 4-0 score-line. So, all in all a successful morning and a really good demonstration in how to play simple hockey in order to get results!