Bensly’s Best!!

Spalding HC: 0 Harleston Magpies HC: 8

Magpies set of on a foggy Sunday morning in the hope of their first cup win under Kevin Ridley’s new management. Our first mission of the day was to locate two Graham twins who were partying in the early hours of the morning. Did they think this was a good thing to do on the day of a cup game? Only time will tell. With both twins heads throbbing it was time to stop off to McDonalds for hot morning beverages. We then departed for the 1 hour remaining car journey to Spalding. The fog started to clear and the sun arose. This was unknown to the twins due to them wanting to catch up on their beauty sleep. Murray’s Land Rover rumbled up to Spalding HC 15 minutes late. We didn’t get the best approval from a well-dressed Kevin Ridley. The green knitted jumper went very well with his oil patched jeans. This didn’t matter as he had a typical plumbing pencil hanging from his left ear to make tactical changes on paper of the great game. Roberto Mancini’s hockey twin? Manager Kevin went into central heating mode as the team still had their morning faces on during the warm up.

With James Graham wanting to make an early and a long lasting impression on the opposition he took matters into his own hands by volleying the ball over the fence, with the ball narrowly missing a small boys head. James Graham 1 – Small Innocent Defenceless Boy 0. DOTD Award was already awarded to him for this reckless attitude towards the next generation of hockey players.

Our 10 man squad looked strong and solid in the opening 10 minutes apart from James Graham who we had to play left back. Magpies had so much domination and had lots of time on the ball. We were in total control. Quick and flashy passing with stick work resulted from this. It wasn’t long until James Bensly opened the scoring at 1-0. After this goal, the flood gates opened towards Spalding’s goal. Goals came flying in from everywhere. Bensly then deflected the ball past the goalkeeper from a fast Furlong hit from the top of the circle. Magpies went 2-0 up. A Tom Graham goal then came. It was a typical milky goal. Nothing special. (He just dribbled around the whole defence and pushed the ball into the goal). 3-0. After Tom scored Bulldog Bensly was in the pursuit towards his hat trick. This hard work paid off as he was given a first half hat trick. (No Jug). Half time was looming and Rhodri still hadn’t scored. But it wasn’t for the fact of trying. But the ball came to him at the top of the D and he drilled the ball home. 5 goals to the good. With excellent defending this ensured we went into half time at 5-0. Trash only touched the ball once.

The second half got underway and Magpies looked shaky with miss placed passes going everywhere. You could tell from everyone’s face that they were willing to settle with a 5-0 win. It was extremely difficult to keep working hard with the heat and away fans pelting abuse at us. Problems got worse when Hung Over James decided to stop working. As a result of this we left a lot of open space for Spalding’s to exploit us. A wake up call was given to us when a shot came from outside the D and pinged away for a sixteen. Inspiration came from the side-line from our number 1 fan CoCo, this motivated the team to dig deep. Tom Graham then scored an average goal again, but always wanting to overtake Bensly he kept pushing for his hat-trick. We started upping the pressure as a result of this Ridders found himself with time and space to find the net from just inside the top circle. 7-0 Pies. A short corner came along and a new face stepped up to take a drag flick. A fast injection (Giles) with a controlled stick stop (Ridders) enabled Dom to rocket the ball bottom left just above the backboard. 8-0 Final score.

Felix Trash (GK)
James Graham (LB) Dimwit Of The Day
Dominic Edward Absolon (CB)
Giles Flatt (CB) (C)
Matt Judge (RB)
Toby Williamson (LW)
Tom Ridley (CM)
Mitchell Tompkins (RW)
Rhodri Furlong (CAM)
Tom ‘Milky’ Graham (ST)
James Bensly (ST) Man Of The Match